NXT Live

Given that they are shopping around their TV portfolio to potential networks, isn't having 4 live brands much more appealing to these networks? For example, with the Fox deal they have so much time to fill on FS1/FS2, NXT and 205 Live could very likely end up on there.

Wouldn't live NXT be much more attractive to Fox? The cost of the live taping would be  more but they would be getting 400 million a year. Triple H said it could go live someday but it would be hard for him physically to do RAW/Smackdown tapings and then be down in Florida by Wednesday for NXT. Given that it's 2018 and technology being what it is, can't they have him run the show from a remote location?

This also would open up the door for 205 Live to slide into Full Sail/Atlanta Center Stage after NXT at 9PM. The crowd is just dead for 205 Live in big arenas. And they can't tape it before Smackdown because if they're in a west coast arena it would start live at 4PM. I would think that would make it tough for people to get to the arena that early.

​Live NXT would be a complete disaster, since so much of the show is dependent on post-production and covering bad spots and such.  There's a reason they only do Takeovers 4 times a year.  ​