Hey Scott, hope all is good. Have some more matches that never happened, but might have neen cool.

1. Hakushi vs Undertaker
2. Shawn Micheals vs Ricky Steamboat 1991
3. Bret Hart vs Steamboat 1991
4. Savage vs Hart 1993
5. Nasty Boys vs Sullivan and Sawyer, brawl.
6. Stan Hansen vs Kevin Sullivan
7. Perfect vs Steamboat
8. Piper vs Undertaker
9. Piper vs Savage 1986
10. Owen Hart vs Scott Steiner, Singles match
11. Gordy and Williams vs Anderson and Blanchard
12 Spivey vs Windham

​Imma leave this here for you:  
Also, while I can't help you with #9, here's a match from 1990: