Mailbag Overload!

Apologies for those e-mailing me lately with questions and such, I just wanted to make note that the site has been doing REALLY big numbers this past week and with that typically comes a flood of mailbag questions, and this week has been no exception.  I’m already at a backlog of about 100 in the past week and I’m trying to put out stuff that’s either quick to answer or time-sensitive, but be assured that if I don’t get to yours immediately, it’s nothing personal.  I try to avoid posting more than 3 or 4 questions per day just because I don’t want everything pushed off the main page right away, but aside from offloading questions onto or something, I don’t have any easy solution for the problem.

Anyway, it’s come up a couple of times with people asking me why their questions didn’t get picked recently, so I just wanted to clear the air on the subject.  Carry on!