All Day WrestleMania

With all the talent that WWE has accumulated to fill NXT, 205Live, RAW and Smackdown, wouldn't it make sense for Wrestlemania to be an all day event?  I'm not suggesting a 12 hour show at a stadium, but what about 3 four hour shows or 4 three hour shows at different arenas.  It seems like every year guys like you and me are disappointed because there's too many matches on too long of a show.  The crowd dies a slow death and the matches are always just OK because they're cut short for all the stupid crap in between. 

​Here's what I don't get — they overstuff these shows so that Vince can give everyone a payoff.  But he alone decides what everyone makes!  Why not just do the 3 hour show they want to do and pay all the geeks a bonus?  ​