The SmarK Rant for Lucha Undergroud S01E20–”The Art of War”

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E20

“The Art of War”

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro

Angelico v. Son of Havoc

Havoc immediately spears Angelico out of the ring and beats on him outside while Ivelisse bitches at him, and back in he grinds Angelico’s face in the mat and curb stomps him for two. Angelico fights back with kicks for two, which Vampiro declares to be “street and fresh.” But is it streets ahead? Angelico misses a charge, but puts Havoc on the floor with a kick and follows with a corner-to-corner dive that’s pretty crazy. Back in, running knee gets two. Havoc comes back with a Brogue kick and standing moonsault for two. Handspring elbow into a backbreaker gets two. Ivelisse is still unhappy about the way the match is going and yells at Havoc about it, but he manages to escape her and hits Angelico with a splash for two. Angelico comes back with a running knee into the corner, but Havoc reverses a powerbomb into a rana and goes up. They fight on the top rope and Angelico gets crotched, but now Havoc stops to grab the mic and lets Ivelisse know that she’s been the problem all along and dumps her, before hitting the shooting star press for the pin at 6:42. A nice payoff to a fun storyline. **3/4 And then Angelico is like “Hey, so you’re single now?” and Ivelisse lays him out. That was good, too.

Mientras Tanto, Dario signs his newest acquisition, (Hotstuff) Hernandez.

AAA Mega Championship Bullrope match: Alberto El Patron v. Texano

Thankfully, this is pinfall or submission, not the lame four corners rule. Texano beats on him in the corner, but Patron takes him down with a low dropkick for two. He backdrops Texano onto the apron and follows with a rana to the floor, but hurts his knee on the move. Vampiro: “I don’t know if this is the right thing to say, but…” Striker: “Wait, when do you ever worry about the right thing to say?” Vampiro: “When I talk to my mother.” Meanwhile, Texano grabs a chair and just beats on Alberto with it and wedges it into the corner, but Alberto comes back with a DDT. Texano tries to go up, but Alberto just hits him with the cowbell and brings him down with a superplex and backstabber. He gets Texano’s other, non-sanctioned, bullrope, and beats on Texano for two, but walks into a codebreaker for two. They head up and Patron brings him down with an inverted superplex for two. Patron goes for the armbar, but Texano rams him into Chekhov’s chair for two. Texano gets the table, but Alberto goes back to the arm again and tries for a superplex through the table…which Texano reverses into a powerbomb through the table for an amazing two count. Texano finally makes Vampiro’s day by beating on Patron with the cowbell in the corner, but Alberto grabs an armbar and hangs from the top rope for the submission at 8:45. Nice finish, although these two still feel like interlopers who aren’t really part of the LU ecosystem. ***1/2

Mientras Tanto, Hernandez meets up with Konnan and Puma, and he’s a big fan. Also, he’ll be at ringside tonight. I believe that’s what we call “foreshadowing”.

Lucha Underground Championship, street fight: Prince Puma v. Cage

Dario unveils the new Lucha Underground title belt before we start, replacing the cheap piece of crap that Cage ripped up a few weeks ago. Puma attacks from the bell, but Cage clotheslines him off the apron and they brawl on the floor. Puma manages to send him into the post and tries a rana, but Cage powerbombs him into the post and runs him into the stairs. Back in, Cage grabs a chair, but Puma steals it and kicks it back in Cage’s face. He beats Cage down with a trashcan lid and follows with a standing shooting star press, but he sets up a table and Cage recovers enough to lay him out again. Back in, Cage hits double knees out of a torture rack, and that gets two. They fight to the top and Puma puts Cage on the apron and sends him to the floor with an enzuigiri, then follows with an INSANE shooting star press from the post to the floor. He puts Cage through the table with a 450 from the top rope to the floor, but then he has to put Cage in the ring and so it only gets two. Vampiro stops to point out that Konnan is really ugly. Good point. Back to the floor, and Cage wraps the chair around Puma’s neck and sends him into the post, then stops to beat on Konnan as well. Well, he had it coming for being so ugly. Back in, Puma steals a chair and suplexes Cage onto it for two, but the 630 splash misses. Cage lays him out with a lariat for two. Weapon X follows and he pounds away on Puma until he’s out, but lets him up and powerbombs him onto the trashcan. However, he makes the mistake of stopping to talk some shit to Hernandez and Konnan, and that allows Konnan to sneak in and smack Cage in the face with the cane. Puma goes up with the 630 to finish at 12:12. I thought Hernandez was for sure turning on Puma, but that could still be coming. Finish felt a bit disjointed, like it was supposed to peak with Konnan using the cane, but that part felt flat and then they just kind of went to the real finish with the 630. Crazy match before that, though. ***1/2

Another great show, and now I assume we start the new set of feuds next time.