Mid-South Wrestling – June 23rd, 1983

June 23, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, the Junkyard Dog defends the North American Heavyweight Title against Bob Roop. Also, Mr. Wrestling II defends the National Championship against Arn Anderson, and Mil Mascaras faces the Super Destroyer


Watts talks about Ted DiBiase not letting Boris Zurkhov represent him in a Tag Team Title defense against Jim Duggan & Johnny Rich because they lost to them two weeks ago. DiBiase is able to use his power of attorney to not let the titles on the line according to Watts. They’re pretty much burying Zurkhov here and really, he has not been good at all in this role.


We see a clip from World Class Championship Wrestling. Bill Mercer is with Skandor Akbar, Kamala, Friday, and Mongol in the “jungle.” The Mongol was Gene Petit, who portrayed Cousin Luke in the WWF as part of Hillbilly Jim’s family. Kamala gets pissed and shoves Mercer away after Akbar touted the power of his men. They’re reintroducing Kamala to Mid-South after a several week long absence.


“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Joe Stark

Watts tells us that Reed is pissed over Roop getting a shot at the North American Title, feeling that he deserves the opportunity. Reed then tells us there is no justice and will show us all that he’s the real deal before saying he’s the only “hacksaw” in town. Reed beats the crap out of Stark as Watts puts over his physique. Reed hits a leg drop for two and beats on Stark with ease before putting him away with a press slam (2:53).

Thoughts: Reed has been awesome since his heel turn. He oozes cockiness and at this time showed a ton of promise in the ring. Not only do they have him feuding with JYD but by having him claim to be the only “hacksaw” they can set up for a program with Jim Duggan as well.


Watts talks about two weeks ago when Duggan was supposed to team with JYD, who got jumped beforehand, then teamed with Johnny Rich to defeat Zurkhov & Mr. Olympia. The last two minutes of that match is shown.


Mr. Olympia & Boris Zurkhov vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Johnny Rich

Duggan hammers away on Zurkhov to start. Rich tags in as Zurkhov trips over him during a drop down sequence. Rich hits an ugly-looking dropkick then Olympia tags in and hits a back suplex after some back-and-forth action. The champs cut off the ring as Olympia gets a nearfall with an atomic drop. Duggan trips up Olympia from the outside and gets yelled at by the ref, who misses a pin attempt from Rich. The match breaks down as Rich gets tossed while the ref is knocked outside. DiBiase runs out and whacks Rich with his cast then runs into the ring. Duggan attacks DiBiase and breaks the cast but DiBiase had the black glove underneath. DiBiase loads his glove while his Rat Pack holds up Duggan for him to hammer away. Duggan then hulks up and tosses everyone but Zurkhov, who gets covered by Rich while the ref crawls back inside and counts to three (4:44) **.

Thoughts: The end of this was a blast although primarily designed to get Duggan over. And DiBiase showed us what we assumed all along in that his injury was phony. It sets up for an eventual DiBiase vs. Duggan match. They also wrote off Zurkhov as part of the Rat Pack storyline too.


Clips of a few weeks ago when King Kong Bundy piledrived Mr. Wrestling II on the floor then last week when Bundy did the same to Tito Santana.


Georgia National Heavyweight Title Match: Arn Anderson vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Marty Lunde is now Arn Anderson as Watts said his uncle Ole Anderson has been guiding him in Atlanta. Mr. Wrestling takes Arn down with a hip toss as Arn bails. Watts says that Mr.Wrestling II defeated Larry Zbyszko for the belt as Arn scurries into the corner to avoid the power knee lift. Arn grabs a side headlock as Watts gushes over the toughness Duggan displayed in the previous match. Mr. Wrestling fights back but misses a charge in the corner as Arn hammers away. Arn gets two with a knee drop but Mr. Wrestling hits Arn with a back drop then uses a slam and a back suplex before the power knee lift gets the win (5:00) *1/2.

Thoughts: Arn more of less was the chickenshit heel in this match against the overpushed Mr. Wrestling II. Its getting tough watching Mr. Wrestling dominate all of his matches looking and moving around the way he does. Once again, Watts is pushing Duggan strong on commentary even when not in the ring.


North American Heavyweight Title Match: Bob Roop vs. Junkyard Dog

Roop himself is a former champion who left Mid-South at the end of last year and went to Georgia. JYD aggressively goes after Roop as Watts says Reed’s attack has fired JYD up. Roop snaps JYD’s neck off of the top rope then targets the arm. Roop stays in control then hits a piledriver but that only gets one so he goes for it again and JYD counters with a back drop. JYD runs wild then hits a powerslam for the win (3:27) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Man, I was a huge fan of Roop’s work before he left several months prior but he came back here out of shape and wrestled like shit. He was only here because Mid-South and Georgia shared talent and was not back to stay.


Super Destroyer vs. Mil Mascaras

Destroyer attacks Mascaras from behind. Mascaras fights back and hits a pair of dropkicks. Destroyer heads out on the apron but Mascaras brings him in with a headscissors. Mascaras avoids a charge in the corner then hits a flying body press for the win (0:58). Watts says the top rope attack is legal and now sanctioned because he did not jump down onto someone and launched himself at someone.

Thoughts: A total squash for Mascaras, who wouldn’t want it any other way. And Destroyer was not booked strong here in Mid-South at all.


Tony Zane vs. Tim Horner

Watts tells us that Grizzly Smith just handed him a note that says next week, JYD & Duggan will face Olympia & DiBiase for the Tag Team Titles since its been proven that DiBiase is not injured. Horner grounds Zane then shows off his speed while maintaining control. Watts also says Dusty Rhodes will be back in two weeks then Horner puts Zane away with a knee drop (1:46).

Thoughts: Weak finish but the real news is that DiBiase is being forced into action and in a match against two people that hate him. Horner was really good in the ring and the Mid-South fans appreciated him but does not have any direction or really even future in the Territory.


Final Thoughts: The DiBiase/Duggan stuff was the highlight and Reed’s transformation into a heel has been a blast but the in-ring action has been subpar for a couple of months now. The top feuds are looking really good but the midcard is lacking.


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