Fastlane: The Thread!

Tonight:  It’s WWE Fastlane!  Obviously my mind has been occupied with other stuff today, but everything is resolved and eNom was awesome to deal with, so I’ll be checking the show out tonight and posting a review later.  You wouldn’t think that “running a silly blog about wrestling” would be high on the list of stress-inducing careers, but here we are.  Smart money appears to be in on the show, and pretty much it’s gonna be as predictable as whatever that last show we just did two weeks back was.

I’m also working on a Monday Night Wrong column about the Goldberg-Lesnar disaster of 2004, which should hopefully be up tomorrow.

Finally, tonight is apparently Daylight Savings Time for those who live in states and/or provinces that celebrate it, which is NOT Saskatchewan.  Nope, we just get to play the frustrating game of figuring out what time all of our shows are now on twice a year.