Original WrestleMania card

I'm sure this has been asked but if Vince was banking his future on WrestleMania why does the card start worse than a house show?  I know all the emphasis was on the Main event, the women's match and celebrity involvement but the first hour is every generic house show from the 80s minus a 20-min draw. It would've been so easy to improve it too;
Tito/Valentine for the IC title (could've ended in DQ/COTR)
Why not add Bruno and have a tag where he and Dave can pin Johnny V in the match?
And while we know his limitations, why wasn't one of the most successful MSG guys ever, Pedro Morales on the card?

Always seemed weird that the greatest even ever started with 4 generic jobber matches

​It's been posited that the card was set up to demonstrate to new fans all the various ways that wrestling matches can end (submission, pinfall, DQ, countout, etc) and act as an introduction rather than any kind of serious blowoff, so they would be enticed into following the product regularly.  ​