Flawless matches

Hi Scott, 

As you're re-posting WM rants, I was thinking about classic matches. There's a lot of five star classics, but even among them, you have matches which have a mistake, or two in them.

For example Undertaker/HBK at WM 25 has a messed up DDT reversal, the messed up dive to the outside and Taker not catching Shawn on the moonsault going to the outside (after which he weirdly just rolled himself in the ring). It's a tremendous match, I wouldn't argue with anyone who gives it five stars, but these flaws are there. 

Some matches are great, but the crowd is dead, or some spots are too sloppy, or some sequence is off, or they're too long/too short, or the story behind it isn't good, whatever. 

What matches are flawless in your opinion? Matches where everything clicks – the crowd is into it, there isn't a false note in the ring, the story is good, the match is just the right length, the perfect storm? 

Omega vs Jericho from WK12 and Flair vs Steamboat from Chitown Rumble are the two I'd vote for.