No payoff for long angles

First it was Miz/Bryan, now it's the whole Sami/Kevin vs Shane with dueling GMs storyline. According to Meltzer, Sami and Kevin will be in the ARMBAR!?! That has literally been the top angle on SDL since the summer! That's 9 months of build and NO WrestleMania payoff? I'm legitimately confused. Why bother watching the show if you waste a baby-term of TV without paying off an angle?  Who's fault is this?  Road Dogg, Shane, Vince?  We all know SD is the B-show, but my god this is just sad.

​If they move to FOX, it's gonna get a lot worse for the blue team.  
Regardless, the issue isn't whether they will or won't have a blowoff at WM, because the angle peaked months ago anyway.  The issue is that they have a PPV this Sunday main-evented by a match that no sane human being could possible care about. So instead of sticking Sami and Kevin in there, why not do whatever match they were leading towards instead?  Since we now know that there is no fireworks factory and never was, it just makes the non-build for Fastlane all the stranger.  ​