Decisions decisions

Marvel/Disney and DC/WB both show up on your doorstep and they each give you the same offer:  You get to choose the next 5 movies we make. 

1 – Which company do you choose?
2 – What are your five movies?  Characters and/or storylines?

1.  Marvel!  Still so many great movie ideas left in the tank.  
2.  Black Widow first and foremost.  No idea why it's never happened yet. You can team her up with Bucky or whatever.  Depending on how the Fox buyout shakes down, Avengers vs X Men is next. It'd be the most batshit crazy expensive thing ever, but can you imagine people's heads exploding from Hulk and Wolverine fighting?  Next up: Squirrel Girl!  As a light-hearted spoof, it would work.  I'm hoping a proper Fantastic Four would follow.  Finally, a Nick Fury solo movie, because FUCK YEAH SAMUEL L JACKSON.
I of course will happily accept PayPal from Marvel for use of this list for planning purposes.