Thursday Night Thread

  • According to some guy on Reddit, Io Shirai actually failed her WWE physical due to a heart condition, and not a bad neck as previously believed.  So it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing her in WWE for a while.
  • Abbey Laith was released from her contract.  She wasn’t being used much after the Mae Young Classic anyway.
  • According to the Observer, the Shane/Bryan thing is building to Owens & Zayn v. Shane & a partner, and not Daniel Bryan involved at all. Which we knew, but the more they tease it, the more rumors persist.

Tomorrow, it’s another Wrestlemania repost, and I actually haven’t decided what the morning retro review is going to be.  I’m a couple of weeks behind the Observer Flashbacks on the RAW ’94 reposts, but I’ll have a couple of hours tonight so I might go back to 1976 and try WWWF All Star Wrestling again.  Or maybe put World Championship Wrestling back in the rotation, since a certain someone debuts in the next episode?

Anyway, talk about the stuff tonight, especially if it’s Big Brother Canada!