HOF question – redux

Hey Scott – feels like a while has passed since this was last discussed on the blog so maybe the timing makes sense…

Who’s left that (legit) deserves to go in the Hall?

Obvious guys like The Rock and Taker (once he actually retires).

What about guys like Christian, JBL, Bischoff, Bulldog, Owen, Luger, Sid?

Any chance Punk eventually gets the call? And if he does, do you think he accepts or politely tells Hunter to go eff himself?

​I don't see Punk getting the call until LONG after the bad blood has settled.  The lawsuit is still ongoing anyway.  As for the other guys, sure, why not? Hillbilly Jim has pretty much managed to clear the bar for ridiculous inductions set by Koko B. Ware anyway.  Although I feel like Owen is still a “no” because it forces them to touch on a subject that everyone involved would rather not.  ​