WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 10th, 1991

March 10, 1991

From the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week, we have an interview with the Ultimate Warrior. In action are the Legion of Doom, Mr. Perfect, Davey Boy Smith, and The Viking.


Legion of Doom vs. Shinji & Alan Reynolds

The LoD attack their opponents then we hear from them in an insert promo vowing to get revenge on Power & Glory after getting screwed over in the Tag Team Battle Royal. The announcers hype up the celebrity appearances at WrestleMania as the LoD stay in control then put Reynolds away with the Doomsday Device (2:52).

Thoughts: The LoD are out for revenge after Power & Glory cost them a shot at the Tag Team Titles.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s topic is on the Jake Roberts vs. Rick Martel blindfold match at WrestleMania as we get a highlight package on the feud. Martel then says the fans might be able to help out Jake in the match but he can use his sense of smell and says that Jake stinks. I like this feud but it really is time for it to end now.


“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith vs. Scott Allen

Warlord & Slick are in an insert promo promising Davey the beating of his life at WrestleMania. Davey works the arm as the announcers talk about the Queen of England wanting The Warlord to win at WrestleMania. Davey stays in control then hits the running powerslam for the win (2:02).

Thoughts: Besides the Davey/Warlord WrestleMania hype we also hear more about the Queen wanting Davey to lose.


The Viking w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Brian Costello

Looks like Fuji is now The Viking’s manager. Viking beats on Costello as the announcers want to know about his hand gesture. Fuji is shown in an insert promo telling us The Viking is the meanest and wildest wrestler in the WWF and will turn him loose on everyone. Viking ties up Costello in the ropes and hits a pair of big boots then tosses him outside and wins via countout (2:41).

Thoughts: The Viking now has Mr. Fuji as a manager without explanation. And The Viking himself debuted without any vignettes or other hype and add that to a gimmick too bizarre for the time and its no surprise the crowd is not reacting to the guy.


Clips from last week’s “Superstars of Wrestling” where Ultimate Warrior destroyed the “Brother Love Show” set then beat the crap out of Brother Love himself. I bet Vince loved playing this segment again.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Ultimate Warrior to the interview platform. Warrior said last year at WrestleMania he stood at the end of the road and answered the “Ultimate Challenge” and promises to win at WrestleMania VII as he says Savage will take the final steps of his career. Okerlund asks him about Paul Bearer & The Undertaker sprinkling the ashes on his career but Warrior tells them to get a double plot for Savage and themselves. Its quite clear that Warrior is winning at WrestleMania then feuding with The Undertaker afterwards.


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Pat Armstrong

Armstrong surprises Perfect with a hip toss. Bossman tells Perfect & Heenan in an insert promo he will take the Intercontinental Title and has not forgotten the insults about his mother. Perfect beats the crap out of Armstrong until putting him away with the Perfect Plex (2:23).

Thoughts: Really, Perfect is just a pawn in the never-ending Bossman/Heenan feud. He’s more talented than being part of that role.


WrestleMania VII Report with Gene Okerlund.


The Okerlund & The Bushwhackers at Toys R Us segment airs again.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Jim Powers & Frankie Lancaster

The announcers talk more about instant replay as Kato works over Powers. Lancaster tags in and gets worked over as Heenan makes fun of Willie Nelson. The Orient Express stay in control then put Lancaster away with a super kick/bridging German suplex combo (2:25).

Thoughts: With The Orient Express not having a role at WrestleMania, the announcers used this as a backdrop to discuss the celebrities/non-wrestling segments on the PPV.


Next week in action are The Rockers, The Mountie, Barbarian & Haku, and Jim Duggan. Plus an interview with Sgt. Slaughter and more


Final Thoughts: The big exclusive segment here was the Warrior interview and that was not memorable. The other noteworthy thing is Fuji now managing The Viking but its really just minor news. Just two more weeks of hype until WrestleMania.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/11/91

Wednesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 3/15/91

Thursday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/16/91

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/17/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 6/23/83

Sunday: WWF Road to WrestleMania VII Prime Time Wrestling Special 3/17/91

Monday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/23/91