Lacking the Excellence of Execution

So I'm up to August 1982 in Mid-Atlantic when Ric Flair wrestles an impromptu match with Jack Brisco. At one point Ric Flair picks up Brisco for a standard sit-down piledriver. Instead of following through with a proper sit-down, ala Terry Funk, it's just this soft rollback where Flair takes almost all of the impact on his lower back / tailbone with Brisco clearly in no danger of having his head actually hit the mat. In other words, “all pile, no driver.” It'd be one thing if this was a one-off thing, but I've seen Flair try piledrivers throughout his career, and I don't think I've ever seen him land one that could even be described as “passable,” let alone “good.”

It got me to thinking of otherwise good / great in-ring wrestlers who never really developed an ability to execute certain moves, but kept trying anyways.

The most obvious examples I came up with were The Rock with his so-called “Sharpshooter” or Cena with his lame “STF(U),” but surely there are others. 

Any thoughts?

​Dusty Rhodes trying to do a figure-four is always the most egregious in my mind.​