WWF Superstars of Wrestling – March 9th, 1991

March 9, 1991

From the Orlando Arena in Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper, who tells us it will take more than a dirt bike accident for him to miss WrestleMania.

This week, we have an interview with Sgt. Slaughter. In action are the Hart Foundation, The Mountie, Big Bossman, and Barbarian & Haku


Hart Foundation vs. Pete Sanchez & John Martin

Neidhart overpowers Sanchez as Vince talks about the Nasty Boys and how they won the Battle Royal. The Nasty Boys are with Jimmy Hart in an interview as they tell the Hart Foundation they took their manager and will also take the belts. Bret beats on Martin in the corner then the Hart Foundation use the Hart Attack for the win (2:22).

Thoughts: They are using anything possible to drum up interest in this title match due to how it came about (battle royal win).


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund, who also notes Piper’s bike accident and assures he will be in Virgil’s corner at WrestleMania. We are shown clips of the Virgil/DiBiase split and the fallout to put over their match at WrestleMania. I did like how they used a package to put over a WrestleMania match, something that would continue over the next couple of weeks.


The Mountie vs. Danny Brazil

We hear from Tito Santana in an insert promo saying Mountie will not be able to “throw his weight” around when they face off at WrestleMania. The Mountie catches Brazil with a chokeslam then uses the Carotid Control Technique for the win (1:23). After the match, Brazil is cuffed and shocked with the cattle prod as Mountie tells him he is under arrest.

Thoughts: The Mountie is starting to get some heel heat now. Its a foregone conclusion that he is going to beat Tito at WrestleMania though.


The Okerlund/Duggan Toys R Us segment is shown again.


Big Bossman vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler ducks outside but Bossman heads out to bring him back into the ring. Bossman catches Brawler with a spinebuster then hammers away as we hear from Bobby Heenan & Mr. Perfect in an insert promo as the two promise to keep the Intercontinental Title after WrestleMania. Bossman then catches Brawler with another spinebuster and this time it gets the win (1:31). After the match, Brawler is cuffed to the ropes.

Thoughts: The Heenan/Bossman feud continues to chug along with the Intercontinental Title tacked on to up the stakes.


Okerlund welcomes Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan to the interview platform. He firsrt put over his antics from two weeks ago when he burned a Hulk Hogan poster and called it one of the more despicable things he has seen. Adnan is now carrying a “Hulk Rules” t-shirt on a flag pole and speaks in his native tongue. Slaughter tells us this Hogan shirt is nothing but a simple piece of cloth but to the “Pukeamaniacs” it stands for truth, justice, and the Hogan way. We hear USA chants as Slaughter says Hulk Rules are the type of rules he breaks then holds up a lighter as he sets fire to the shirt, saying Hulkamania will also go up in flames at WrestleMania. Slaughter claimed to have come up with this idea as an alternative to a planned idea to burn an American flag on TV. Whether that was true or not thank god they just set fire to the shirt. I actually liked Sarge’s promo.


“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. Shinji

Shinji was Shinji Sasazaki, who wrestled in Japan, USWA, and Stampede. He also helped American talent get booked for the UWFi promotion. Shinji lands a chop in the corner then gets a two count with a crossbody. He heads up top after a suplex but Snuka cuts him off as Paul Bearer & The Undertaker promise to bury Snuka at WrestleMania. Snuka then piledrives Shinji for the win (1:31). After the match, Shinji gets tossed outside.

Thoughts: Despite his past as a start its very tough to buy Snuka as a threat right now, especially against an awesome newcomer like The Undertaker.


WrestleMania Report with Gene Okerlund. The Queen of England still hates the British Bulldog and predicts victory for The Warlord. Marla Maples will also be a co-host along with Regis Philbin & Alex Trebek.


Haku & The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Randy Hunter & Dale Wolfe

The Rockers are shown in an insert promo saying they will get the win at WrestleMania. Haku and Barbarian brutalize their opponents then put Hunter away when Barbarian lifts him up while Haku hits a thrust kick  (3:22).

Thoughts: With Haku’s stock sinking within the company while Barbarian was a guy without a feud after the Powers of Pain split, there was little heat for them as a team. It seems like they were paired up to give The Rockers an opponent for WrestleMania because no one else was left.


Next week in action are Texas Tornado, Nasty Boys, Davey Boy Smith, and The Undertaker. Plus, an interview with Hulk Hogan and more!


Final Thoughts: The big angle of the show was Slaughter setting fire to Hogan’s shirt. We also found out about Piper’s injured leg and everything else was hype for WrestleMania, which is just two weeks away.


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