The total ruination of Seth Rollins

I can't think of many guys in this era of WWE who have been screwed up worse than Seth Rollins. The history of their failure to establish any distinct character for the guy is particularly baffling considering that unlike with guys like Ziggler or Bray, they clearly badly wanted to make him a top guy.

I think the major problem has been that WWE has seemed to think they could get Seth over just by associating him with other people who were already over. What he's actually been as a character or gimmick though is as standard as anything a person might think up in a create-a-wrestler mode.

Besides being aligned with Triple H, what actually was Seth Rolling during that run as heel champ? He was called The Architect, but he never masterminded anything in his feuds. He was just a generic cowardly heel who ran scared all the time and then had to cheat to barely keep his title. How many times have we seen that? You could plug in one of many heels to fulfill such a role.

Fast forward to his babyface turn. Once again, the thinking seemed to be that he would be over as a babyface just because he was now feuding with Triple H. What though was he as a character? Instead of being a generic heel who was running scared and barely surviving, now he was a generic fiery babyface who never backed down and constantly thanked fans for supporting him.

Even now, what exactly is Seth Rollins? Okay, now he's The Kingslayer, and his music screams “Burn it down,” but he doesn't actually challenge authority like an Austin or do anything controversial like a Pillman did.

Whereas at least a guy like Reigns is called The Big Dog because he actually comes off like a badass who wins his feuds, “Seth Rollins” is still meaningless. He's just a good wrestler, and that's only good for the midcard.

​100% agree.  The Shield reunion turned him into Roman's wacky little buddy again and undid a lot of work they had been doing with him.  “Guy who has good matches” isn't exactly a compelling character.  The HHH feud was pretty effective at getting him over as a babyface, but they didn't DO anything with it.  I think that Vince lost faith in him after the WWE title run wasn't a huge success, and this is the result of that.  ​