The Bruce Pritchard Podcast

Hi Scott,

Being a fan of podcasts and 80's/90's wrestling nostalgia, I stumbled upon the “Something to Wrestle With” podcast hosted by Conrad Thompson and Bruce “Brother Love” Pritchard a year or so ago.  Bruce and Conrad both have the gift of gab and go pretty in-depth every week on a wrestler, show, or topic so it's an easy listen.  My question is how many people in the industry (past and present) buy Bruce's version of what happened behind the scenes.  I know Pritchard hates Meltzer so he usually disputes whatever was reported in the Observer.  And usually the answer is just “I was there.  Trust me.”  Just as often, though, he'll say “I have no idea.  I wasn't there when [x] happened.”   So you never really know.

Again, I listen to the podcast for entertainment value and enjoy it more often than not, if only for the insight of a backstage guy at the time.  I'm just not sure I believe everything I hear on the show.  Your thoughts?

P.S.  Like I said Bruce is entertaining to listen to.  But he really needs to cut back on the impressions.  Aside from a decent Vince McMahon, most of them are pretty bad.  A few weeks ago, he even did a Brother Love impression that didn't sound anything like the character!

​I've never listened to it, although every story I hear about it is how Bruce is refuting something said by Dave Meltzer or taking credit for stuff previously thought to be introduced by someone else.  But man, Conrad is building a podcast empire for himself, isn't he?​