The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–01.02.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 01.02.82

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett. David talks about how much they value the opinions of the fans and appreciate them watching and telling them what they want to see. What the hell kind of attitude is that? How can you run a successful promotion without telling the idiot marks what they want to see and then screwing them out of what they ask for?

Jake Roberts & Jay Youngblood v. Mark Miller & Chris Markoff

Miller manages to hold off Roberts with armdrags, but then gets threatened by a punch and runs away. Jake works the arm as Caudle is incredulous because people are actually voting for Sgt. Slaughter for MVP of 1981 in their polling. He’s the goddamned MVP of 2018 as far as I’m concerned! Anyway, Miller gets caught in the babyface corner and pinballed between them, then Youngblood grabs a headlock. The heel jobbers trap him in the corner, but Jay sends Miller into the turnbuckles and makes the hot tag to Jake. Big chop, kneelift, goodbye at 7:25. Good, basic stuff here. 1 for 1.

Roddy Piper, who is the Mid-Atlantic freakin’ champion, is tired of being passed over in BS votes like the one currently ongoing over who the MVP of 1981 was. I’d vote for Roddy! I mean, after Slaughter.

Ivan Koloff v. Ron Sexton

Sexton gets a flying headscissors and grabs a headlock, but Ivan boots him down and grabs a chinlock. He pounds away and goes to the bearhug while the electrifying Sandy Scott joins us on commentary. Flying kneedrop gets two and he grinds on a facelock, then tosses Sexton and drops an axehandle on him from the apron. Back in, he beats on the guy in the corner and finishes him with the falling knee at 6:15. Koloff’s squashes were pretty repetitive at this point. 1 for 2.

This week’s drop-in promo is for Roanoke, VA and the BRUSHFORK ARMORY in Bluefield, WV. Lord Alfred Hayes faces Johnny Weaver in a lumberjack match, plus Ivan Koloff tries to regain the TV title from Jimmy Valiant, so they’re way ahead on these tapes because that title change didn’t happen until February or so.

Ray Stevens v. Tony Russo

Stevens is still carrying half of Ole Anderson’s tag titles with him. Russo tries a headlock on Ray and works the arm, but that just angers Stevens and he comes back with a backdrop and finishes him with the piledriver at 2:11. Ray drops another knee on Russo’s face just to be a dick. 1 for 3.

Jake Roberts relates his relaxing Christmas season out at the farm, and points out that the big hog there reminded him of Ole Anderson. Quality segue there. Ray Stevens continues daring Ole to come get his belt back.

Blackjack Mulligan Jr. v. Bill White

White tries to overpower Barry and gets taken down with a headscissors as a result. Barry works the arm, but now Sgt. Slaughter comes down to ringside to scout things and White takes over. Sarge is disgusted that Blackjack Mulligan is giving him a hard time for slapping his punk kid around, when really he deserved much worse. Barry makes the comeback while Sarge points out that the point of the boot and a closed fist are ILLEGAL moves. But his old man is also a cheater, so Sarge isn’t surprised. Flying forearm (which eventually turned into the lariat years later) and the bulldog finish at 6:34. 2 for 4 because Slaughter tells it like it is.

Back to Virginia, West and otherwise, and it turns out that these tapes are from March ’82. Get your tickets at Heck’s Department Store now! Trivia note: Bluefield later played host to Lex Luger regaining the US title from Michael Hayes at a WCW TV taping in 1989.

Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Nelson v. Former Channel 17 National TV champion Terry Taylor & Mike Davis

Did Nelson and Slaughter ever end up as tag champions? Because they really should have. Obviously Slaughter & Kernodle did in 83, so at least there’s that. Taylor and Davis armdrag the shit out of everything and work Slaughter over in the corner, but Slaughter gets a cheapshot on Taylor and America’s Team takes over. Taylor manages to escape Slaughter and brings Davis back in, but he’s got nothing and misses a dropkick like the worthless maggot he clearly is. Sarge with a neckbreaker for two and Nelson tries a chinlock, but Davis fights out. Slaughter puts him down with a back elbow and Nelson gets a lariat, ending with the cobra clutch from Slaughter at 5:45. 3 for 5.

Ivan Koloff wants to know why America doesn’t just embrace Communism and admit his greatness. Ole Anderson wants his belt back from Ray Stevens, RIGHT NOW, and otherwise he’s coming to take it. So according to the title history, it ends up with Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen making it to the finals of a tournament for the belts in February, but Wahoo & Don Muraco split up after winning their semi-final so Ole’s team just gets the belts by forfeit. Huh, you’d think they would have gone with the old “You pick a partner and I pick a partner” resolution for the story.