Tape library question

The recent question about tape libraries has be thinking about what libraries WWE has that ARENT from North America. Have they ever purchased any tape libraries from Japan, Mexico, or Europe?

Are there any tape libraries from countries outside North America that might be of value to wwe (outside the obvious ones like new japan, AAA, AJPW, or another big foreign fed)?

Just interested in your opinion of that…

​I think they could (and should) go after something like Michinoku Pro, but I think the rights to Japanese shows are tied up by the TV station and not the promotion, so it works a lot differently.  ​All the New Japan stuff is owned by TV-Asahi, for example.  WWE has a little bit of Japanese stuff as a part of the various co-promotions that WCW did with New Japan, plus the SWS supershow deal, but that would the kind of things where TV rights for North America were explicitly set beforehand.  But UFC owns all the rights to Pride, and you can get Pride DVDs for cheap all over the place (and I certainly have!), so who knows.
I don’t think there’s much of a market for that UK stuff unless they’re planning on adding Big Daddy to the Hall of Fame to really troll people, but they could probably get a lot of it if they wanted.  I just don’t see why they would.  Same with the Mexican promotions.  The style is just too different and aside from old Rey Mysterio matches, why would they want to?
Another possibility is stuff like the one-off Australian shows from the post-WCW era, like I-Generation or whatever that crap was.  Or maybe Herb Abrams UWF if they don’t already have the rights to it.