JJ and Stone Cold

Hey Scott–

Reading the WON bio on Jeff Jarrett got me thinking; why did Steve Austin not want to work with him in 1998-1999? Was it as simple as “Jarrett isn't on my level” (a tad hypocritical, given Austin was forced to job to Hogan's circus of lackeys before the WCW injury) or was there heat between the two of them? 

Given the main storyline was Austin v. Corporation anyway, I don''t see why Double J couldn't have been slotted in for a PPV or two as Vince's latest hired gun. Thoughts?

​I thought Jarrett would have been fine as a Corporate stooge.  Certainly we know he can play the role in real life.  But yeah, Austin poo-pooed working with both him and Billy Gunn because he's a smart guy that wanted to make money, and neither of them was gonna do that for him.  Hey man, when you're making as much money as Austin was at the time, you gotta protect your spot!  Was it hypocritical?  Probably.  But I get it.​