Invasion Question

Dear Scott,

Hoping the IWC is being fairly civil today. 

Question about the Invasion 2001-2002 area. Back then the WCW team did not have any main event guys except Booker T and then they eliminated Page from that category…

I am wondering why they didn't do more with Lance Storm, given WCW had put the World Title on him from what I remember.

Was it just a case of the predominant WWE locker room only accepting Booker T as “the one WCW guy we like on top” or it just didn't matter? Did Storm do anything cause I think they could have atleast used him as an upper-middle heel. Or did they think that was what they were doing?

​Highest Storm got in WCW was US champion.  And there's no way he'd have worked as a main event piece of the Invasion storyline, and he himself would probably admit that.  He got the Intercontinental title, he was fine.  Really, it was Rob Van Dam who should have been immediately made the big star and focus of the whole thing, not Booker T.  ​