Two Things

Hey Scott, with Jon Jones facing the suspension you brought up and no money fight with Brock, do you see Jon Jones making the jump to WWE for Brock? Heck, even Lashley.

Also, I really think the Brand Split is not working and WWE as is with the split, the roster is too thin, and they have too much talent for one show? How do you feel about this?

​Lashley was apparently signed a while ago and is just waiting to debut, probably after Wrestlemania.  The rumor was that if Brock was sticking around, that would be the program for him.  
I wouldn't call the roster “thin” as such, but the problem is that they have way too much TV time to fill based on the stars they currently have.  Having to load everyone onto RAW to fill three hours a week is just killing Smackdown's depth and it's pretty obvious.  ​