With split-brand PPVs dying, The Bar saying that there is no one left for them to face and no one challenging them during that promo, do you think we see unification matches at Mania? Your previous statement about the champs floating between shows makes sense, so here's my take:

Usos go through probably Harper & Rowan at Fastlane, then go over on the Bar at Mania and give Sheamus a long vacation to heal. That part's easy.
As for the women, since Asuka *technically* hasn't declared her Mania opponent, why not just go crazy and say she wants both Alexa and Charlotte at the same time? Triple threat, winner gets both belts, which would obviously be Asuka because of streak and she's a world-beater.

​I actually think that's a hell of an idea.  Probably not where they're going, but it would certain accomplish what they want.​