Roster Split

I really don't understand this. Why can't they have a roster split without having an Official Brand Extension™? Why can't they just simply plan which guys are appearing on the shows this week? For example, AJ Styles. They can write him in for a match this week on RAW, he would then not appear on Smackdown. Next week, he has a segment on Smackdown with no appearance on RAW.

This doesn't have to be set in stone that superstars HAVE to alternate. Make it fresh and interesting. Maybe Kevin Owens has two weeks in a row on RAW, then the following week only appears on Smackdown. Maybe he won't appear on either show for a week. Mix it up.

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​I will say, moving forward they HAVE to merge the tag team and Women's titles, because it's death to have both sets of belts on every PPV show.  The depth isn't there and it just makes them look dumb.  Merge the titles, make the champions floaters, problem solved.  ​