Nakamura post-Mania

You recently predicted AJ retaining against Nakamura and I agree with you. With both women's titles and the Universal title likely to change hands, there has to be at least one successful title defense on the show, and it'll probably be this one.

What do you do with Nakamura after that? Lose a rematch with AJ in May and then feud with Roode (or god forbid, Jinder Mahal) for the US title? Move him to Raw and challenge Roman? Throw him together with somebody in a pointless tag team?

How long does he have left on his contract?

​Still a while, I think.  The thing is, Nakamura doesn't really have anything left to do in NJPW and there's not much of a spot for him there anyway.  They can run the Styles-Nakamura thing for a few PPVs anyway and then figure out what to do from there.  ​