1) How soon until Ronda Rousey becomes Just Another WWE Woman?

2) if Seth Rollins is 'The Architect', why don't they just call him Bill Ding?

3) How shocked were you that Roman Reigns won the Elimination Chamber?

​I'm more annoyed that Roman's title shot is based on winning one match, rather than the more logical culmination of actually winning and being dominant through the year. That kind of thing is why is no one cares. 
Anyway, the Ronda thing is already becoming such a weird disconnect and feels like the episode of the Simpsons where Krusty is getting mobbed by network executives who keep giving him contradictory notes.  They want Ronda to be a big mainstream crossover star for them, but she has to come out and declare that she wants to be treated like everyone else!  But they make sure to have a door with her name on it to show that she's a big star.  But she's just a fan of the company and so happy to work here and she's definitely not getting a title shot at Wrestlemania!  She can slam Hunter through a table, but she has to back down from Stephanie.  Can you imagine if Brock came out in 2012 and talked about how he just wanted to be a WWE Superstar and put smiles on faces?  Anyway, I don't get it, and I don't think they really do, either.​