WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 17th, 1991

February 17 ,1991

From the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, GA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week, we have the full nelson challenge between The Warlord and Davey Boy Smith. Also in action are Sgt. Slaughter, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, and the debut of The Viking. Plus, an interview with Roddy Piper & Virgil and more!


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Alan Martin

Jake works over Martin as we hear him hype up his Blindfold Match at WrestleMania VII. Jake then hits Martin with a short-arm clothesline before hitting the DDT for the win (2:04).

Thoughts: More hype for the Jake/Martel match at WrestleMania.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We see a clip from the 12/28/90 MSG show where Jimmy Hart inadvertently hit Greg Valentine with a guitar in his match against Saba Simba, leading to Valentine turning on Hart. This has lead to the Earthquake vs. Valentine match at WrestleMania as we hear from both men. This clears up what happened at the Royal Rumble for those who had not seen the Valentine match at MSG.


Gene Okerlund brings out Roddy Piper & Virgil. Piper tells us about the difference between a friend and a fool. Piper wants Virgil to asks him since his back hurts could he please shine his shoes as Piper agrees and shines Virgil’s shoes, just like a friend. Okerlund asks Piper what point is he trying to make then Piper wants Virgil to yell at him to kiss his feet so Piper tells him to “stick it in your nose” as he tries to pump up Virgil. Piper then wants Virgil to respond when he asks him to do this as Virgil and we get some more roleplay as Piper says when he sees Virgil, he does not see color but rather sees a pure man. I’ll credit Piper for going all out in trying to get Virgil over with the fans. His endorsement did help.


Full Nelson Challenge: The Warlord w/ Slick vs. “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

Warlord keeps stalling instead of applying the full nelson. Heenan keeps referring to Davey as “Limey” as Slick now yells at Davey. Slick continues to yell then Warlord attacks Davey from behind. Warlord now applies the full nelson then tosses Davey down and hammers away. Davey starts to fight back now and sends Warlord over the top rope with a clothesline. Slick tries to attack Davey but fails and gets hit with a running powerslam.

Thoughts: The attack was inevitable and they did something similar at MSG during an arm wrestling competition. Decent enough hype for their feud and WrestleMania match. The crowd has been into Davey since his return and given how he was presented in the Royal Rumble its clear they have bigger plans for him in the future.


Okerlund with Bushwhackers for a Toys R Us spot. It was amusing but aired constantly throughout WWF programming.


The Viking vs. David Isley

The Viking of course is wrestler John Nord, who had been in Pacific Northwest Wrestling as Nord the Barbarian prior to signing here. Viking yells then beats down Isley. He keeps yelling “huss” while extending his hand then takes Isley down with a dropkick. Viking drops Isley down with a slam and hits a knee drop and stays in control. Viking then uses a front suplex before tossing him out and getting the win via countout as he runs the ropes (2:23).

Thoughts: Coming in without any fanfare or hype meant we had a dead crowd. Nord himself said he got into the WWF due to Curt Hennig & Barry Darsow mentioning him to Vince. Nord also said Vince talked to him about facing Hogan down the line (I’m sure that was a token Vince line given to anyone over 6’5) and that he even spoke with Hogan himself about working together. Anyway, it didn’t happen.


WrestleMania VII Report.


Vignette of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat as he blows fire. They come back where Heenan says its obvious Steamboat went to Tito Santana’s house for dinner. Regarding the fire blowing, Steamboat tells a story in his shoot interview with RF Video of being sent to Florida to train. One day it was windy outside and the guy teaching him had the fire blow back in his own face and he ran around to put it out while Steamboat turned to Bruce Prichard and said he wasn’t doing to do this. However, Steamboat ended up learning and did it safely each time.


William Ford vs. Sgt. Slaughter w/ Gen. Adnan

Slaughter beats on Ford as we get some chants for Hogan. Slaughter stays in control then uses the Camel’s Clutch for the win (1:53). After the match, Slaughter chokes out Ford with the camera cord then beats him up all the way up the aisle as we see fans waving around flags.

Thoughts: Slaughter goes for more heat after the match and this is something that will be highlighted in the coming weeks.


Next week in action are Tito Santana, Rick Martel, Jim Duggan, and the featured match of Greg Valentine vs. Dino Bravo. We then hear from Bravo & Hart as Bravo promises to leave Earthquake enough of Valentine to finish him off for good at WrestleMania VII.


Final Thoughts: We had two segments in the Full Nelson Challenge and the Piper & Virgil interview that were worth seeing. And The Viking made his debut. The rest of the show was WrestleMania hype and building up other characters and angles.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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