Stand up for the WWE!

I read this in one of the comments and I vaguely recall it.  From what I remember they wanted everyone to just go around and defend the WWE.  Do you know the story behind that? I would've loved to hear Meltzer's taken on that.

​Oh god, that was SO stupid.  Basically Linda was flailing around trying to win a Senate seat in CT and there was some nonsense about fans wearing WWE merchandise not being allowed to participate in polls, so they played the “wah wah free speech” card and tried to mobilize their audience as a persecuted minority.  It was just a really, REALLY transparently desperate attempt to help Linda's election chances, and we're talking “transparently desperate” even by WWE's already low standards.  By the time we got to the point of Linda putting up posters that linked her campaign with Obama (despite running as a Republican) it was all over but the crying.  ​And given Vince spent tens of millions of his own personal fortune on those campaigns, there was likely a lot of crying.