Mid-South Wrestling – June 9th, 1983

June 9, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Buddy Nichols

This week we have Mr. Olympia & Boris Zurkhov vs. Junkyard Dog & Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Also in action are Super Destroyer & King Kong Bundy, Tito Santana, Magnum TA, and more!


Rip Rogers vs. Tim Horner

Horner grounds Rogers to start. He hits a slam and a dropkick then grounds Rogers with a side headlock as Rogers is unable to escape. Horner takes Rogers down with a hip toss after a criss-cross sequence then goes back to the headlock. Rogers catches Horner with a back elbow smash then finally takes control of the match as he targets the neck. Rogers barely gets a two count with a slam then Horner comes back with a sunset flip for two. Horner runs wild then puts Rogers away with a crossbody from the middle rope (4:06) *1/2.

Thoughts: More of a showcase for Horner than a competitive match. Horner continues to get decent reactions considering his position on the card due to his fast-paced ring work.


Tony Zane vs. Magnum TA

Pierce tells us that Magnum made his debut just two weeks ago and has already captivated the fans as Nichols says he heard Magnum is a rising star in the pro wrestling ranks. Magnum takes Zane over with a monkey flip then works the arm. Magnum runs Zane over then catches him with a dropkick before going back to the arm. Magnum then catches Zane with a slam and once again goes back to the arm as Pierce runs down the rest of this week’s card. Zane rolls through a crossbody in an ugly spot then Magnum gets a sunset flip out of the corner for two. Magnum then hits a back drop before finishing Zane off with an atomic drop (4:36).

Thoughts: This went on forever. Zane is not good at all and Magnum should have beaten him quickly instead of this being stretched out to fill time.


Mike Vachon vs. Tito Santana

The announcers refer to Tito as a “young veteran.” Vachon was the son of “Mad Dog” Maurice Vachon. Tito frustrates Vachon by using various holds. Tito then fires away and hits a back drop before using a bridging death lock for the win (3:56).

Thoughts: Another long and boring squash match. It also gives Tito a win heading into his match next week that we will learn about later on in the show. ca


King Kong Bundy & Super Destroyer vs. Denny Alberts  & Craig Carson

Bundy & Destroyer beat on Alberts to start. Carson tags in and also gets his ass kicked. Carson is able to escape and tag out but Alberts cannot muster any offense and ends up getting hit with a superplex but Destroyer pulls up before the three count and tags out. Bundy lets Alberts tag out then puts Carson away after a five count with the Atlantic City Avalanche (4:42).

Thoughts: Bundy was getting a singles push while Destroyer was typically getting jobbed out so I have no idea why they decided to team these two guys up together. Destroyer would soon bolt to Georgia after this aired.


Butch Reed is in the ring to address why he was not present for his match last week. Reed says he has a lot of things on his mind and has been thinking a lot. Reed said he did not come here to wrestle guys like Tony Zane and where he comes from guys like Zane “don’t even talk loud.” Reed also says he would whip a chump like Zane anyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Reed then said he has been used as a stepping stone in Mid-South and is nobody’s fool. He also accuses his friend the Junkyard Dog of using him by saying he needs to go after the best to get to the top and chose Duggan to be his partner two weeks ago because its what the people wanted. Reed then says for no one he’s looking out only for himself and cannot do so by listening to others so he is focusing on getting the North American Title. Reed then issues a challenge to JYD for the North American Title as the crowd boos while Reed wants to show the world he’s a man to be recognized. Reed then wants JYD to come down and sign a contract as he says friendship does not put food on his table nor does it help him become a bigger name in wrestling. Bowden says he’s never known JYD to back away from a challenge as Reed said while JYD helped him get into Mid-South he is going to go to the top by beating JYD for the North American Title. JYD comes down now and asks Reed what is wrong. JYD then tells Reed he helped him get settled with an apartment and money but Reed punches him then they start brawling. Ted DiBiase runs out and attacks JYD from behind then holds up JYD for Reed. The crowd chants for Duggan as Reed & DiBiase continue their assault. Pierce says he does not understand what just happened. I thought they did a really awesome job at turning Reed heel. He had a reason in doing so and his face character was not getting over anyway. Reed wasn’t the best at cutting promos but did exude a lot of arrogance and comes off as a star.


Bill Watts has told us Grizzly Smith asked him to replace Nichols on commentary due to the chaos that just occurred as we learn the scheduled tag match has been cancelled. Good way to sell the heel turn I suppose.


We now see the end of the DiBiase vs. Charlie Cook match from Houston that took place just before DiBiase’s injury. The match ended with DiBiase losing by disqualification after being asked several times to stop thumbing Cook in the throat. DiBiase then beat the crap out of Cook after the match with a chair.


Mr. Olympia & Boris Zurkhov w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Johnny Rich

Duggan picked Rich as the replacement for JYD and they immediately attack their opponents in this non-title match. Duggan chases Akbar away as Rich gets his ass kicked. The champs cut off the ring until Rich eludes Zurkhov and makes the tag. Duggan runs wild and the match breaks down. Olympia loads his boot but Rich steps in front of Duggan and takes the attack. Zurkhov then hits Duggan with a neckbreaker but misses a knee drop from the middle rope. Olympia tags then Duggan ducks an attack and hits a double clothesline and continues to fight off both men. Zurkhov accidentally hits Olympia and Duggan takes him out with a spear. Rich is now groggy and perched on the corner so Duggan tags him in for the Rocket Launcher and the win (3:19) *1/2. Watts is going nuts about Duggan being selfless and giving Rich the win as the crowd is also going crazy for Duggan.

Thoughts: Watts went into overdrive in selling us on Duggan being a stand-up guy. The crowds have been going mental for Duggan since the turn as he is getting the biggest crowd reactions in the territory.


Watts tells us that Akbar must have been involved in Reed turning on JYD by offering up his money. We also learn that next week we will see Tito Santana vs. King Kong Bundy as Pierce claims Mid-South has the wildest action in wrestling.


Final Thoughts: The Reed turn was great and Duggan continues to shine as a top babyface but most of the action was terrible. Pierce was not good on commentary as the lead though but Nichols was fine considering he’s a sports programming director of a TV station who happens to be a wrestling fan. Next week we have a main event and fallout from the Reed turn to cover. The past few weeks of TV have basically boiled down to a hot angle and lots of dull matches.


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