Future of 205 Live

Have you been watching the new version of 205 Live? I no longer subscribe to the network but I've heard it's been almost universally praised. I've read one review where they said the difference is  night and day. It's now the “Sport” brand under the WWE umbrella. That's awesome that they at least have an identity.

One has to wonder though about the future of the brand. Now with dual brand PPVs, it's entirely possible that a cruiserweight championship match might not even make the kickoff shows. Most certainly we will never see a title match on a PPV again.

What do you think Triple H's vision is for the brand? The tournament style certainly worked for the Cruiserweight Classic and it's apparently working for 205 Live. Do they keep the tournament style sport aspect of the show and determine #1 contenders through tourneys? Do they create tag titles and then keep the momentum going with a tournament for them?

Surely he can't have the vision of one day having quarterly network specials from Full Sail?

​I haven't been watching, no.  Not sure what HHH's vision might be, but as long as SOMEONE has a vision for it, they're better off.  Frankly they shouldn't be on PPV anyway, because they need to be kept separate from the main brands so it can be special.  ​