Aleister Black

Am I missing something, or is this guy a complete can’t miss superstar?  Now I’m certain the writers can completely screw the pooch with him when he’s called up to the majors, but he just seems like a slam dunk of looks, ability, fan intrigue and a kick ass theme song.  I think they should have him completely skip the courting period that is winning the NXT title (he doesn’t need it) and get him on Raw the night after Mania.

Hell…forget having a match for The Undertaker. Have him come out for a Mania promo to officially announce his retirement, have Black come out and absolutely destroy him and blow the roof off Superdome. Or Silverdome, if you’re Hogan. But seriously…am I missing something?

​I think he might be a bit old for them, but yeah, I'm pretty sure he's moving up after Wrestlemania, or maybe even winning the ARMBaR there ala Corbin.  ​