That one moment

Scott- watching the network has reminded me of that moment when I became a wrestling fan for life. Was it a single thing or a build over time?

For me it was post wm-2…My dad had been a fan and I watched it with him on TBS in the early 80s and was into the fad of rock n wrestling…everything was fun and all but post wm-2 wwf just went nuts…it started with Roberts dropping Steamboat on his head on snme (still one of the most brutal bumps ever) which lead me to Piper/Adonis, Hogan/Ornodorff then Savage/Steamboat and of course Hogan/Andre

Throw in the Bulldogs and I was hooked…1986 into 1987 made me a fan for life but it started with that one DDT.

Yup, close to the same for me, as I've mentioned many times before.  My dad watched Stampede and Tomko's All Star wrestling out of Cloverdale with champion John Tenta and heel announcer Mauro Ranallo (who was something like 16 at that point), and I stubbornly refused to watch with him.  Then my mom rented Wrestlemania 2 for my 12th birthday party and it was pretty cool, and then Orndorff turned on Hogan, Adonis mauled Piper, and Savage dropped the bell on Steamboat and we were off to the races.  Then I got really sick one week and my mom bought me the year end issue of PWI to read in bed, and I was like “I bet this NWA stuff is on TV here somewhere”.