Hogan v Rock WM X18

Hi Scott,
  Love the blog….must read each and every day for me at work.  Quick question.  Watching WM X18 Hogan vs Rock which is one of my favorite matches as far as star power, spectacle, build up and crowd emotion.  My question….did WWE expect the crowd reaction and was there an audible called during the match to switch things up as far as whom worked heel and whom worked face?  Were Hall and Nash always scheduled to attack Hogan?  If so is there any stories I can read or vids I can watch online regarding it.  Watching it tonight I get just as excited watching as I did originally….Thanks for the time.  Adam

​There was a pretty good idea going into the match that the crowd would react like they did, given Hogan had been getting babyface reactions all weekend.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  ​