Don't get me wrong, ​Rock vs. Austin at the Astrodome in WM 17​ is one of my three favorites matches ever, but I'm just curious: when HBK showed up in a Soma coma and torpedoed the planned comeback match between him and HHH at that WrestleMania, was there any consideration of making the main event an Austin-Rock-HHH Triple Threat? It wouldn't have been the worst idea (certainly better than just plugging HHH in against Taker), and there was even a built-in reason for it since HHH had just beaten Austin in that awesome 2/3 Falls Match at No Way Out the previous month. It seems like it would have made sense on several levels. 

​Ugh, no, don't even suggest that or HHH might build a time machine and retroactively insert himself into the match.  Rock-Austin was set in stone for months beforehand and it was the only match they were gonna run to fill up the Astrodome.​