Worst Finishing Maneuver/Hold?

   What is the worst finishing move/hold you’ve seen a wrestler regularly use as their finisher?  For me nothing looks worse than John Cena’s STF.  He doesn’t even pull up on his opponents jaws when he locks his arms;  He just sort of lays there with both arms crossed underneath their chins.  That doesn’t even look like it would hurt a toddler, much less an average sized pro wrestler. 


​I’m used to it by now, so it’s no big deal.  The most jarringly awful move used by someone who should have known better was Rock’s atrocious Sharpshooter, and he won his first World title with it!  Also, the damn Zig Zag.
In general I’d like to also reserve a special circle of wrestling hell for everyone in the bleak period of 2005-2011 who seemingly did some variation of the Overdrive neckbreaker or Roll the Dice as their finish, typically looking completely shitty in the process.   ​