Random Questions

1) Who is your favourite masked wrestler?

2) Would you define colour commentator Jesse Ventura as a heel or a tweener?

3) I read your review of Bunkhouse Stampede 88. You seemed less than pleased with Bobby Eatons use of the hammerlock. Do you have a favourite rest hold/transition move?


PS – Bret Hart helped me write this email. After writing it, I shook Bret’s hand and thanked him for helping me write the greatest email I have ever written.

​1. Jushin Liger, and it’s not even close.
2. Pretty clearly a heel.
3. I don’t have a problem with restholds as long as guys are DOING something.  Instead of just laying there in the hold, pull the hair or put your feet on the ropes or something!  Tell a story with it.
Dino Bravo helped me write this reply.  I shook his hand and told him he’s the worst.​