Dumb idea that would have been funny

What if at WrestleMania 23 Vince decided to troll Donald Trump and have Lashley job to Umaga? Umaga grabs Donald Trump, sits on him, and Vince shaves his head while cackling like a freak. Ignoring the lawsuit that almost certainly would have commenced as a result of this, I have two questions:

1. Do you think if the world had seen Trump bald 9 years ago, would he be president today?

2. I really like Tye Dillinger and wish he were on tv more (or ever). Do you think he can re-invent himself and make it back up the card at some point?

I realize that second one is extremely unrelated, but since this email is largely a joke, might as well ask a semi-serious question while I’m here.

​Wait, so you're asking if amidst all the stupid and awful things that Donald Trump did before the election, if THAT one thing would be the one to prevent him from getting elected?  I'd say no.
As for Tye, this was the re-invention.  Once they give up on it and let him go to the indies, I don't see him getting another shot.  He can milk this Perfect 10 thing at high school gyms and armories for YEARS and probably do fine for himself, anyway. ​