WWF The Main Event – February 1st, 1991

February 1, 1991

From the Macon Coliseum in Macon, GA. This was taped on 1/28 as part of the “Superstars of Wrestling” taping.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper


The show starts off with a video montage of Hogan on the USO Tour as he’s sports an American flag bandana while wearing camouflage.


The announcers remind us that Jack Tunney will name Slaughter’s challenger at WrestleMania VII. After the montage we just saw its pretty clear where they are going. They also run through the card, with Piper comparing The Orient Express vs. Legion of Doom match to “rice and fish vs. meat and potatoes.”


Earthquake & Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Tugboat & Hulk Hogan

Hogan points to a “USA Rules” sign in the crowd during his entrance. Bravo taunts Hogan after shoving him into the corner but Hogan returns the favor. Hogan then hits a back drop and knocks Hart off of the apron. Tugboat tags in and works the arm. Tugboat eats boot in the corner then Bravo hits him with an inverted atomic drop. Earthquake tags in but misses an elbow drop as Hogan tags in and fires away. Bravo runs in and gets slammed then Hogan slams Earthquake before hammering away. Tugboat tags in again but Earthquake kicks him down while tied up in the ropes. Earthquake & Bravo cut off the ring but Tugboat eventually comes back. He takes Earthquake down with a clothesline then instead of tagging out just stares and hits the ropes where Bravo whakcs him with the megaphone behind the ref’s back as we head to break. The match returns with Earthquake covering for two. Tugboat fights off both men and makes the tag but the ref did not see it and orders Hogan back on the apron. Tugboat is hit with a double slam but Hogan cuts off a sit-down splash with a clothesline. Hogan makes swimming motions to Tugboat so he can tag out then tags in and runs wild on Bravo as Vince refers to him as a “Patriot Missile.” Hogan then hits Bravo with a big boot and rolls him up on the rebound for the win (8:56) *.

Thoughts: An uneventful finish to a bad match. Tugboat was just awful here and he would no longer be associated with the Hogan/Earthquake feud as he moved on to getting destroyed by The Undertaker at house shows. You just could not justify pushing him as Hogan’s second. Anyway, Hogan was definitely scoring the pin here but apparently they wanted to save Bravo from the leg drop and had him lose via rollup.


Clips of Slaughter winning the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble.


Slaughter & Gen. Adnan are backstage with Gene Okerlund. Slaughter says we are now playing by his rules. And while we think they are unconventional and unnecessary he does not care because they are effective. Slaughter talks about choosing prime time TV for his first title defense to show the world what happens when people do not play by his rules.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter (c) w/ Gen. Adnan vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hogan trails Duggan while waving the American flag during his entrance but was sent backstage because he’s not an official manager. Slaughter hammers away to start. Duggan fights back as we get some “USA” chants. Duggan knocks Slaughter outside with a clothesline but Adnan trips up Duggan while trying a slam. Adnan holds Duggan up on the apron but gets accidentally hit by Slaughter. Duggan lands some shots but Slaughter fights back. Adnan distracts the ref as Slaughter rams the 2×4 in Duggan’s throat. Slaughter rolls Duggan inside and covers with his foot but that only gets two. Slaughter rakes the back then Duggan fights back and sends Slaughter up-and-over in the corner. Duggan rams Slaughter into the post then backs off Adnan but walks into a chair shot to the head from Slaughter for the DQ (6:50) *1/2. Slaughter continues to beat on Duggan with the chair then his riding crop. Hogan runs in and Slaughter beats him with the chair. Slaughter spits on both men as Vince yells how he’s spitting on us all. Slaughter & Adnan then leave. Hogan then helps Duggan up and holds the American flag.

Thoughts: Slaughter probably should have pinned Duggan here but I guess for the remaining person who couldn’t figure out Hogan was going to be named as Slaughter’s WrestleMania opponent they wanted to give them another hint. The match was fine considering who was involved as Duggan was really deteriorated while Slaughter is still trying to get back in shape.


Okerlund is with the Legion of Doom, who are sick of the talk that America doesn’t make things like they used to and say the “Japanese compacts” cannot keep up with their American muscle. After that interview, they cut back to the announcers with Vince cackling like a moron. Its an America vs. The World themed edition of Main Event tonight.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Legion of Doom

Animal beats on Kato to start. Kato briefly outsmarts Animal but gets caught with a powerslam. The LoD clear the ring then Hawk starts beating on Tanaka then fights off Kato too. The LoD remain in control but Fuji throws salt in Animal’s eyes. The Orient Express double-team Animal but get taken down with a double clothesline. Hawk tags in and runs wild and even knocks Fuji off of the apron. Tanaka gets dumped outside then the LoD hit Kato with the Doomsday Device for the win (5:11) *1/2.

Thoughts: A glorified squash match but the Orient Express did bump like madmen for the LoD to make it more entertaining to watch. Its amazing to see how fast the LoD cooled off after their debuts. The Demolition feud was a dud and after that they feuded with Fuji’s other tag team that while talented, was firmly entrenched in the lower card.


Vince lets us know that Tunney will make his decision and we’ll hear from Slaughter and Hogan. If you can’t figure out the main event at WrestleMania now, then I do not know what to tell you.


Okerlund is in the ring with Tunney. He lists off reasons as to why Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, or Hogan should get a title shot at WrestleMania. Tunney said after intense deliberations, Slaughter’s opponent will be Hogan. According to Slaughter himself he was specifically signed with the Iraqi sympathizer gimmick in order to main event WrestleMania against Hogan.


We then cut backstage to Slaughter & Adnan, who are with Sean Mooney. Slaughter says he will stoop to depths lower than anything Hogan or his “pukeamaniacs” can stomach in order to keep his belt. Sarge was cutting some good promos at least. Another note, “Variety Magazine” reported that NBC knew about the WWF’s plans of having Slaughter burn the American flag (Slaughter himself said he refused) and would not allow it to take place.


Hogan is now in the ring with Okerlund. He tells us that Slaughter & Adnan can feel the breath of Hulakmania ride down their necks. He then talks about his USO Tour and listening to the families of those fighting for our freedom and how it also protects Slaughter’s freedom to desecrate the American flag. Hogan then tells Slaughter that Hulkamania is the strongest force in the universe and pledges before his Hulkamaniacs, fellow countrymen, and even god that he will become the next WWF Champion. He then ends by reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance.”


Final Thoughts: The big news is the reveal of the WrestleMania VII main event. Speaking of WrestleMania, about a week before this show aired the WWF and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum made a mutual decision to switch to the smaller Los Angeles Sports Arena venue. According to Dave Meltzer of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” there were only about 20,000-23,000 tickets circulating and about 12,000 were paid for the 104,000 seats they had planned to sell out. On TV they would note that the show was taking place in Los Angeles and no longer named the Coliseum. This show was all about building up Hogan as an American hero for Slaughter. The wrestling was not good and this show bombed in the ratings with a 6.7 rating and 11 share, making it the 74th ranked prime time show that week. It was the lowest rated WWF NBC show to date and the final episode of Main Event.


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