Brother Love & the Undertaker

Hi Scott,
Reading Bayless’ recaps of the WWF in 1991 get me to wondering something:
was an explanation ever given—either kayfabe or storyline—as to why the
Undertaker was paired with Brother Love when he first arrived? I get that they
wanted a mouthpiece for the monster heel who doesn’t say much, but why the host
of an interview segment who had never managed anyone before or shown any
inclination towards it? Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan and Slick were all still with
the company, why not one of them? Not that any of them fit well with Undertaker
either, but that’s why Paul Bearer eventually got the

​Yeah, the Brother Love thing was a weird fit for me, too.  Obviously they were trying to transition him away from the interview segment, since they had him get destroyed by Ultimate Warrior a few months later, but I don't know that managing was the answer.  
Anyone have insight from Bruce's podcast?  I'm sure he would have talked at length about this subject.​