WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 27th, 1991

January 27, 1991

From the UTC Arena in Chattanooga, TN

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


We get the same Rumble highlights we saw from “Superstars of Wrestling”


Len Wagner & Major Yates vs. Power & Glory

Power & Glory beat on Wagner to start as the announcers talk about Virgil splitting from DiBiase while Gorilla gives Piper credit. Roma kicks Yates off of the apron then Yates tags in and Power & Glory put him away with the Power Plex (3:06).

Thoughts: No real mention of direction for Power & Glory here as their program with the Hart Foundation seems to be getting dropped.


An ad to get tickets for WrestleMania VII airs.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Izzy Slapowitz

Yes, that is the name of the enhancement talent. And he looks like an Izzy Slapowitz too. Jake works the arm as Martel is in an insert saying Jake can only see him with blind rage then talks about his secret ingredient in Arrogance makes it more arrogant than ever. Gorilla brings up Tunney using instant replay as Heenan says it doesn’t work while Gorilla saying Warrior would still be champ. Jake stays in control then hits the DDT for the win (2:03).

Thoughts: More hype for the Jake/Martel feud while the announcers debate the merits of instant replay. Slapowitz actually had a long history in wrestling and you can check out his career on his Wikipedia page here


Clips of Hulk Hogan at the Royal Rumble are shown.


Dale Wolfe & Pat Rose vs. The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers do all of there antics before taking control of the match. They stay in control and hit Rose with the battering ram before putting him away with a double gutbuster (2:45).

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers are no longer being groomed for feuds but rather just a lower card act used to entertain the fans.


Another ad to buy WrestleMania VII tickets.


Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Boss

Gorilla tells us that this Friday, President Tunney will reveal Slaughter’s challenger at WrestleMania and go through all of the potential challengers. Earthquake overpowers Boss with ease as he is not named as a potential challenger for Slaughter’s title then he puts Boss away with a sit-down splash (1:45).

Thoughts: With Earthquake not named as a potential title contender and still feuding with Hogan its clear he is on his way back down the midcard like all other monsters built up for the Hulkster.


We hear from Duggan as he tells Slaughter this is the land of the free and home of the brave to hype up the match at “The Main Event.”  Gorilla says we will see highlights of this next week. Also next week, The Hart Foundation put up the Tag Team Titles against The Orient Express. We hear from the challengers and Fuji to close out the show.


Thoughts: Much like this week’s “Superstars of Wrestling” we got a lot of clips from the Rumble and hype for “The Main Event.” And we get a Tag Team Title match next week too as we head towards the build for WrestleMania VII.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Friday: WWF The Main Event 2/1/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 6/2/83

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/2/91

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/3/91

Tuesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/4/91

Wednesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/9/91

Thursday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/1o/91