Sympathy for Enzo

Hey Scott,

Do you find it at all strange that Enzo got basically ZERO sympathy for losing his job based on a rape allegation made by a SELF-ADMITTED crazy person that was almost certainly a lie? I mean everyone basically went, “Pfft, serves him right for not informing WWE higher-ups who are constantly sending mixed messages and demoting/firing people for the most insane reasons possible.”

I mean, I get it that the guy is an ass in real life but, jeez.

I've heard there's way more going on with Enzo where they were essentially looking for a solid reason to cut ties, and legally speaking the most valid one was neglecting to mention an ongoing investigation.  Regardless of the facts of the case, Enzo knew about it for months and WWE basically got blindsided by a rape allegation during a period when :
1) The entertainment world is super sensitive about that subject, and…
B) More importantly, WWE is trying to score a new TV deal worth hundreds of millions.
Didn't matter if it was true or false, he had to go.