7 hour Manias


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Last year I went to a bar in London that was hosting a WrestleMania party, so about 200 or so grapple fans in together to watch the granddaddy of 'em all.  Now, this is in the U.K., so the pre-show starts at about
10pm and the show goes on until about 5am.  Towards the end of the show, notably during Reigns vs Taker, some people were starting to doze off, and the bouncers of the nightclub were actually threatening to throw people out for being asleep.  Now, throwing
out sleepers is standard bouncer behavior, but don't you think WWE should give some consideration to their international audiences?  If a man gets thrown out of a bar for falling asleep during a Taker match at 4.30am (and I could think of nothing that would
more reasonably send a man to sleep) and he then has literally nowhere else to go at that ungodly hour, shouldn't WWE be answerable in some way to this?  They just don't think of the man on the street when they're engaging in such self-indulgent show running
times!!  I would love to go to a WrestleMania party at this bar again this year, but have legitimate worry of being thrown out because WWE's never-ending show is putting me off.  What would you do??