What? v. Too Sweet

Hey Scott–

I was live at Raw last night (biggest babyface pop? Jason Jordan is out for neck surgery!) and right behind me some moron tried to get a “What?” chant going right away. He was rather successful, too. 

On the other end, a bunch of knuckleheads across the arena from me tried to get the audience into the whole “one, two, TWO… sweet!” nonsense, but try as they might (ALL NIGHT LONG) they couldn't get close to a majority of the crowd to join in.

It got me thinking: Why is it the “what?” chant is still going strong after 17 goddamn years, but the “one, two, sweet” thing is pretty much relegated to Full Sail (with the occasional appearance at Takeover events)? Is it as simple as one was created by the biggest money draw of all time and the other was generated by a bunch of douchebags in Florida, or is there more to it?

​I don't know, but they're both annoying as hell.