WWF Madison Square Garden – January 21st, 1991

January 21, 1991

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Sean Mooney and Bobby Heenan

Tonight, we will see the Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage inside of a steel cage.


Shane Douglas vs. Paul Roma

Roma taunts Douglas after taking him down a few times. He then shoves Douglas in the corner and starts yelling at the fans but that allows Douglas to fight back. Douglas hits a dropkick and a clothesline then Roma bails. Back inside, Douglas takes Roma over with an arm drag after an Irish whip sequence. Douglas attacks the arm as Mooney teases Heenan about the Big Bossman being here tonight. Roma blocks a reverse rollup by running Douglas into the ropes starts targeting the throat. Roma hammers away then yells at the crowd how Douglas isn’t so pretty anymore. Roma uses a cocky cover after a top rope elbow smash then starts yelling at the referee. Roma now hammers away on the back then grabs Douglas in a bearhug. Douglas escapes then runs wild. He hits a suplex for a nearfall then hits a crossbody but Roma rolls through and seemingly gets the win as the ref counted to three with the bell ringing but both men start fighting over a backslide. Douglas uses a sunset flip then Roma hits a powerslam and the ref uses a fast count as that gets the win (10:01) *1/2.

Thoughts: It started off sluggish then as soon as it got going we had the messed up finish and it greatly took away from the match. Weird to see Douglas lose already since he was got a bit of a push in the Rumble match but he would leave very shortly to be with his father, who was dying of emphysema. Maybe they knew that and just jobbed him out?


Davey Boy Smith and The Warlord come out for an arm wrestling contest. Warlord stalls as he keeps kicking his chair away while yelling at the referee and its lasts for a really long time. Warlord teases a lockup but leaves and Davey gets in his face and the two shove each other until the ref intervenes. The finally lock up and its a struggle. Warlord nearly has Davey beat but Davey comes back. Davey almost has Warlord beat but Warlord gets up and tosses the table in Davey’s face. Warlord then puts Davey in the full nelson and it takes several officials to break the hold. Warlord’s stalling was awful and it just went on and on until the inevitable.


Koko B. Ware vs. Tito Santana

Koko’s entrance is much less enthusiastic as usual. Both men shake hands before locking up. They trade hip tosses then end in a stalemate after some mat work. We get more back-and-forth action then Koko complains of a hair pull then end in another stalemate after a flurry of action. Koko gets up and shoves Tito, who shoves him back, as Heenan likes how they are getting more intense. Koko then offers a handshake but cheap shots Tito and hammers away. Tito gets tossed outside then Koko knocks him off of the apron. Back inside, both men slug it out. Koko blocks a monkey flip with an inverted atomic drop then drops an elbow for two. Koko then works a nerve hold for a bit then starts kicking Tito around. Koko throws more boxing punches but Tito fights back as Heenan prefers this brawling over “rolling around in arm locks like pansies.” Koko heads up top but misses a fist drop then Tito fights back. Tito hits a pair of slams as Koko now begs for mercy. Tito catches a kick then spins Koko around for an atomic drop and soon after that hits the flying forearm for the win (10:10) ***. After the match, Koko gets in Tito’s face then the ref intervenes.

Thoughts: Koko played heel for the first time in the WWF and for the first time in several years. He did a great job and this ended up being a really fun match. Too bad they didn’t let Koko turn heel for good because it would have freshened him up.


An ad for WrestleMania VII airs.


Jimmy Snuka vs. The Undertaker w/ Brother Love

This is the Undertaker’s MSG debut. Brother Love yells at Snuka about Undertaker burying him. Snuka chases Brother Love outside but runs into Undertaker, who stares him down. They finally head inside where Undertaker hammers away. Undertaker catches Snuka with a slam but misses an elbow drop. Snuka fights back then sends Undertaker outside with a flying headbutt. Undertaker heads back in and blocks a hip toss attempt before flattening Snuka with a clothesline. Snuka tries to fight back but runs into a knee smash then Undertaker hits a leg drop for two. Heenan calls over Brother Love as Snuka hits a headbutt from the middle rope. Snuka hits another headbutt then Undertaker sits up. Snuka then tries a crossbody from the middle rope but Undertaker catches him and hits a tombstone for the win (7:14) 1/4*. Heenan then screams you do not pin Snuka at the Garden unless you are somebody.

Thoughts: They sold Snuka being pinned at MSG as a big deal but in reality he was buried on the depth chart and no one saw him at that level he had several years prior. The match was bad and Snuka has devolved into one of the worst workers in the company. His bloated physique made it difficult for him to even move around.


Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Legion of Doom

Demolition attack the LoD from behind and that triggers a brawl. Hawk spills outside after crashing into the post but Animal starts beating on Crash. Demolition double-team Animal as Hawk is trying to pull himself back up onto the apron but gets whacked by Fuji’s cane. Smash tries a corkscrew pescado and pretty much misses but Hawk sells it anyway. Demolition continue to beat on Animal but as Crush goes up to beat on Hawk, he misses a clothesline. Animal then blocks a piledriver and Hawk comes off the top with a clohtesline for the win (2:58) *. After the match, Fuji gets his tuxedo coat ripped off then leaves with his team.

Thoughts: Solid brawl while it lasted but this fud ended up being a dud and Demolition really lost the glue of the team when Ax left the company. The gimmick has run its course and should have been put out of its misery when Ax did leaves. Legion of Doom continue to spin their wheels and have lost a lot of luster since their WWF debut.


We then see Mooney in the Event Center, telling us the next show on the MSG Network will take place on 2/16 from the Nassau Coliseum. We hear from the Nasty Boys and The Rockers to hype up their match.


Hercules vs. Big Bossman

Bossman runs off Heenan, who fleed backstage. Hercules pushes Bossman but turns his back to taunt the crowd and gets backed into the corner. Bossman blocks some strikes then hammers away and knocks Hercules outside with a clothesline. Back inside, both men fight over a test-of-strength but Bossman escapes then hits a standing dropkick. Hercules rolls outside after getting clotheslined but is able to snap Bossman’s neck off of the top rope with a cutter. Hercules drops Bossman on the floor with a clothesline then hammers away when Bossman returns to the ring. Hercules works a chinlock but Bossman breaks that by running Hercules into the turnbuckle. Hercules goes back on offense but ducks his head and gets slammed down. Bossman drops Hercules with an enziguiri and soon after that hits the sidewalk slam. However, Bossman says he’s not done but as he looks at the crowd, Roma runs out and hits Bossman with a missile dropkick for the DQ (7:16) **. Roma shoves down the ref then Hercules hits Bossman with a rack drop as Power & Glory continue their assault. Hercules grabs the chain as Roma shoves the ref outside as Heenan returns to give orders. Bossman is wrapped in the chain as Heenan keeps slapping him but bails when the Legion of Doom run out and clear the ring.

Thoughts: Decent house show. The end would lead you to believe their would be a six-man tag down the road but that was not the case and ended up being more of a set up of a future LoD vs. Power & Glory feud.


Brother Love has replaced Heenan on commentary and says its because Heenan sent him out while Mooney says its because he got scared and left.


Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

These two meet after Valentine eliminated Bravo at the Royal Rumble. I assume Bravo took Honky’s spot in the Rumble as this was originally supposed to be Valentine vs. Honky. That would have also meant Knobbs ended up taking Bravo’s spot in the Rumble as one of the final four competitors. Bravo celebrates after shoving Valentine into the corner. Bravo then hammers away and hits a slam but misses a pair of elbow drops as Valentine rolls outside and chases Hart around the ring. Valentine returns inside and beats on Bravo. He hits a pair of clotheslines as Bravo ducks out to regroup with his manager. Bravo returns and wants a test-of-strength but Valentine kicks him away. However, Bravo challenges him again and takes Valentine down to his knees. Valentine gets up and kicks Bravo a few times before working over the leg. Valentine misses an elbow drop from the middle rope after taking way too much time then Bravo stomps away. Valentine gets tossed outside as Bravo yells at the crowd. Bravo suplexes Valentine back inside and gets a two count before using a bearhug. Valentine eventually gets out of the bearhug then runs wild. Valentine kicks Bravo’s leg out then signals for the figure four. Hart jumps up on the apron as Valentine runs him off but that allows Bravo to attack from behind. Bravo now tries for a figure four but Valentine turns that into a small package for the surprise win (8:53) *.

Thoughts: The match was crappy, which is expected given the involvement of Bravo, but they are trying to establish long-time heel Valentine as a babyface. Bravo is clearly being phased down at this point.


Another WrestleMania VII ad airs.


The Nasty Boys w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers

Knobbs and Luke start things off then the match breaks down as The Bushwhackers clear the ring and start marching around. The Nasty Boys return as Saggs beats on Butch, who fights back. Luke tags then the match breaks down after Knobbs broke up a pin attempt. The Bushwhackers once again clear the ring and start marching around but Knobbs grabs Luke’s leg, allowing Saggs to attack from behind. The Nasty Boys now cut off the ring and use some illegal moves behind the ref’s back. Luke proceeds to pump himself up by whacking his head off of the turnbuckle but ends up getting knocked down from behind. Luke avoids a leaping elbow in the corner and makes the tag as Butch runs wild. The match breaks down again as each team keeps breaking up pin attempts until Hart distracts the ref and Luke so Sags can sneak in and hit Butch with a flying elbow then Knobbs covers for the win (7:49) DUD.

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers antics were really over with some crowds but not here and they were just awful in the ring. The Nasty Boys pick up a win in their MSG debut.


Lord Alfred Hayes conducts some interviews while the cage is being constructed. Bossman cuts an excellent promo promising he will hurt Heenan. We also hear from Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri hyping up the cage match.


Steel Cage Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri vs. Ultimate Warrior

Both men start brawling in the aisle. Warrior beats Savage around the ring and keeps ramming him into the cage. Warrior rolls Savage into the cage then proceeds to enter by climbing the cage where he beats on Savage. Mooney mentions how Savage cost Warrior the World Heavyweight Championship as Warrior angrily shakes the cage. Sherri is screaming from the floor as Warrior beats on her man. Savage then grabs Warrior’s tights and pulls him into the cage and slowly crawls towards the door. Savage then rakes Warrior’s eyes and soon after that we get a double clothesline spot as both men are down. Savage covers for two then Sherri reaches through the cage and holds Warrior’s foot. Savage smashes Warrior’s head off of the cage then starts choking him out on the mat. Savage uses eye rakes and chokes to maintain control. He then stomps Warrior in the corner and heads up top for the flying elbow drop. The ref runs in and Warrior is able to kick out. Savage then attacks the back but Warrior starts pumping up. Warrior runs wild and hits a few clotheslines but Savage gets his knees up on the splash as both men are down. Savage is up first and tries to climb out and almost makes it out but Warrior reaches through and grabs his hair. Savage tries to get Warrior to break his grip so he can hit the floor and win but Warrior maintains and pulls Savage back up to the top of the cage. Sherri is now in the cage and climbs up to attack Warrior and even takes off her blouse to choke him out. Warrior then swats Sherri away but as that happens Savage drops to the floor and wins the match (10:33) **1/2. Warrior then tears off the rest of Sherri’s dress as she’s hanging from the cage in her lingerie. Savage makes the save but Warrior attacks him and shoves the ref away. Warrior keeps going after Savage then swats away any official that tries to stop him. The Nasty Boys run out and try to stop Warrior but they are also taken down.

Thoughts: Slow-paced and Savage was still dealing with a wrist injury but they made the best out of the circumstances. Their was a lot of drama in the match and Sherri was once again tremendous in her role. The finish was cool too as this has turned into a blood feud since the Royal Rumble.


Final Thoughts: The main event and Tito/Koko matches were good but the rest of the card was forgettable. Not the best MSG show I’ve seen but far from the worst as this did feature some Rumble fallout, with the Rumble taking place just two days prior and with the next New York show taking place at Nassau the company will return to MSG in March.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Wednesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1/26/91

Thursday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/27/91

Friday: WWF The Main Event 2/1/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 6/2/83

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/2/91

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/3/91

Tuesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/4/91