Hey Scott,

Obviously, there's no comparison between WCW at its apex and Ring of Honor, but overall, do you think ROH is more successful than WCW was? I think it's clear that WCW had a bigger cultural or historical impact, but which promotion do you think has been more successful overall when you take into consideration ROH's longevity, consistency (although it's never reached WCW's level of popularity), and even the development or showcasing of new talent? TNA has been around just as long but ROH has more of an argument than simply surviving for 15 or 16 years.

​Dude, at its peak WCW was making enough money to buy and sell ROH about 50 times over.  For whatever reason there's a weird “history written by the winners” retcon that says WCW was always a money-losing black hole of suck, but in 1998 they made more money than any wrestling company, ever.  Including the WWF to that point, although it's impossible to have real numbers from the Hulkamania era.  Yeah, now WWE destroys them due to understanding revenue streams better and having more money in general, but it's unlikely that WCW will ever be touched as #2 wrestling promotion in history, especially not by ROH.