WWF 1991 Royal Rumble

January 19, 1991

From the Miami Arena in Miami, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper


The show begins with a shot of the American flag waving before cutting over to the live show. We now hear an instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner with the camera showing everyone in the crowd on their feet.


During the run down of the Rumble match competitors, we learn that Tito Santana and Brian Knobbs have been added to the match, replacing Andre the Giant and the Honky Tonk Man.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. The Rockers

Tanaka shoves Marty off the middle rope and outside during their entrance. The Orient Express then beat on Shawn until Marty comes back for the save. Kato pulls Tanaka out to safety then they both get hit with stereo topes as the crowd goes nuts. Wild stuff by 1991 American standards. Fuji is pissed then the crowd starts up a “USA” chant. Things settle down as Marty grounds Kato with a side headlock. Kato catches Marty with a hip toss after an Irish whip sequence then they engage in some mat work and end in a stalemate. Marty leap frogs over Tanaka as The Orient Express members collide with each other. The Rockers work over Tanaka’s arm for a bit. Tanaka catches Shawn with a body block that gets two then works a chinlock. Shawn escapes and uses a chinlock of his own then catches Tanaka with a sleeper. Kato is about to enter but the ref stops Marty, allowing Kato to attack from behind. Shawn almost goes over for the tag but Tanaka sweeps his leg then hammers away. Shawn fights back and unloads on Tanaka in the corner. Kato tries to come in but Shawn takes him out with a moonsault block as the match breaks down. Both teams work a great reversal sequence ending with The Rockers clearing the ring then The Rockers fake out The Orient Express with dives before flying out with planchas. Back inside, The Rockers work over Kato. Shawn tries for mounted punches in the corner but Tanaka runs over and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Fuji whacks Shawn in the throat with his cane behind the ref’s back as the crowd boos. Tanaka targets the throat as the crowd starts up another USA chant. Marty makes the save after a double-team move then Tanaka goes back to targeting the throat. Shawn tries to fight back but is sent up-and-over in the corner then gets kicked back into the ring from the apron by Tanaka. Shawn barely kicks out of that then manages to break up and double clothesline by jumping on both guys arms as The Orient Express collide with each other. Shawn then makes the tag as Marty runs wild. He nearly puts Kato away with a powerslam then the match breaks down as Piper says this match makes you proud to be a WWF wrestler. Kato and Marty fight over a backslide until Tanaka helps out his partner. Shawn returns the favor by tripping up Kato then The Rockers use a double super kick. Tanaka breaks up a Rocket Launcher attempt as Shawn falls outside, with Piper screaming that he fell “fifteen feet.” The Orient Express beat on Marty and use a slingshot double-team move then try it again but this time Shawn came back to hit Tanaka in the gut as Kato slingshots Marty, who turns that into a sunset flip and the win (19:14) ****1/4. After the match, The Rockers get a great ovation as Piper screams how they made him proud.

Thoughts: One of the best opening matches in WWF PPV history. According to Pat Tanaka in his shoot interview with RF Video they got a standing ovation when they went through the curtains. Shawn had the performance of his career at this point and it was here that you could really see the potential he had as a singles act down the line. Tanaka was great in this match as well and deserves tons of credit. Even though it did not have a great impact storyline wise in the promotion, it was great to watch. By all means check out this match.


Sean Mooney is backstage with Randy Savage, who says no matter who leaves as the World Heavyweight Champion he is the #1 contender. Savage says he has a commitment from Sgt. Slaughter for a title match. Savage then tells Mooney to watch the monitor because Sherri is going to “bait” the Ultimate Warrior. We then see Gene Okerlund walking with Sherri to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Sherri what she’s doing here. Sherri says she’s here to issue a public challenge to the Ultimate Warrior that if he wins, Savage will get a Championship match. Sherri says she is sure Slaughter will deliver on his promise and only hopes Warrior is as honorable as people think. Savage is shown in an insert as Sherri tells Warrior to come out and accept her challenge. Sherri thinks Warrior is yellow from head to toe then Warrior comes out. Warrior, wearing a USA jacket and red, white, and blue face paint, stares down at Sherri. We now have Sherri seducing Warrior in an attempt to get Savage a title shot. This is a lot more risque than anything we’ve seen in the WWF at this point with Sherri pulling Warrior’s jacket halfway down and putting her hands on his chest. Sherri sneaks in for a kiss then moaned how it was the most wonderful and thrilling thing to have ever happened then says she knows he’ll grant Savage a title shot. Sherri is now on her knees begging Warrior to give the title match but Warrior spits to the side then yells “no” as we see Savage flip out in the locker room. Sherri is screaming at Warrior form her knees as Savage is running around like a lunatic then he flips out on the platform with Sherri. An effective but long segment.  I loved the spontaneity of the interview and how it was different than anything we’ve seen on a WWF PPV at this point. And a lot more risque than we’ve seen from the WWF too. Sherri and Savage made this segment with their antics.


Vince does the voice over for the WrestleMania VII ad at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. He calls it the biggest WrestleMania celebration ever.


The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Big Bossman

The crowd starts up a weasel chant as Barbarian finally enters the ring. The Barbarian hits a few uppercuts but Bossman reverses an Irish whip and hits a big boot. Barbarian bails after a back elbow smash then Bossman heads out and sends Barbarian into the post. Barbarian rakes Bossman’s eyes from the apron but gets caught trying a flying double axe handle. Bossman clotheslines Barbarian outside and lands on the apron while Heenan is keeping his distance. Barbarian heads back in and hits a suplex then pulls him up for a clothesline. Bossman gets punched through the ropes and dangles from his foot as Barbarian comes out and hammers away. Barbarian picks up Bossman from the floor and rams him into the post then Heenan sneaks over and kicks Bossman from behind. Back inside, Barbarian hits a backbreaker for two then uses a bearhug. Bossman finally breaks out but Barbarian sends him down with a throat thrust. Barbarian gets two after three straight elbow drops before going back to the bearhug. Barbarian maintains the hold after getting headbutted a few times so Bossman bites his forehead to escape. Barbarian catches a kick but Bossman turns that into an enziguiri as both men are down. Bossman drapes his arm across Barbarian for a two count then punches away. Barbarian avoids a charge then cradles Bossman for a nearfall. Bossman comes back with a hotshot that gets two then both men collide and are out on the mat. Heenan screams at Barbarian to get up then we get a reversal sequence that ends with Bossman hitting a sidewalk slam. Bossman gathers himself then makes the cover but Barbarian breaks at the last millisecond by putting his fingers on the ropes. Barbarian rakes the eyes then drills Bossman with a jumping piledriver. He crawls over to the ropes and climbs up for a crossbody but Bossman rolls through and gets the win (10:06) ***1/2. After the match, Heenan runs backstage as Bossman celebrates in the ring.

Thoughts: Bossman gets the win to continue his feud against Heenan in a damn good match. I’d go as far as to call it the most underrated match of this era. They worked at a fast pace for two big guys and hit each other hard. I thought the finish was a tad weak but overall this was a blast to watch.


Mooney is backstage with Sgt. Slaughter and Gen. Adnan, who will not stop screaming. Slaughter tells us maggots that if we think there is turmoil today then just wait after he faces the “Ultimate Puke” and become the new WWF Heavyweight Champion we will see turmoil like we’ve never seen before. Slaughter says he has integrity and is someone we can look up to with respect as he tells Warrior that he is dismissed and that’s an order as the camera zooms in on Slaughter’s face.


Now, Okerlund is with Warrior. Okerlund asks Warrior about the turmoil Slaughter promised as Warrior says it will lead him down to defeat. Warrior then promises to walk in as champion and walk away as the ultimate victor.


WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sgt. Slaughter w/ Gen. Adnan vs. Ultimate Warrior (c)

Gorilla tells us that Slaughter does not share the same views as the WWF and Arab-Americans as Piper says even though he hates it Slaughter has the freedom to say so because it is America. Warrior clears the ring after a sneak attack then snaps the Iraqi flag over his knee and rips it up, drawing tons of cheers from the crowd. Warrior clotheslines Slaughter with a piece of the flag then shoves it in Slaughter’s mouth before sending him into the corner. The flag hangs out of Slaughter’s mouth as Warrior kicks his ass. Slaughter takes his trademark corner bump and spills outside then we see Sherri run out to ringside as Adnan already fled backstage. Back inside, Warrior beats on Savage until Sherri trips him up. Warrior chases Sherri up the aisle but gets blindsided by Savage. Warrior gets hit with a piece of lighting equipment and is in the aisle trying to get to his feet. Slaughter keeps stopping the referee’s count as Piper points out how you can not win the belt via countout. Warrior crawls down the aisle as the USA chants are deafening. Slaughter then heads out when Warrior is close enough to the ring to throw back inside. Slaughter hammers on Warrior then taunts the crowd. Both men clothesline each other then Slaughter stalks Warrior before applying a bearhug. The crowd chants USA then Warrior finally escapes and hits a slam but drops down in pain. Slaughter drops a few elbows on Warrior’s back, which has been hurting since getting attacked by Savage. Slaughter hits a backbreaker then stomps the back before applying the camel’s clutch as Warrior’s feet are hanging over the apron but the ref has no clue. Slaughter breaks and thinks he won the match but the ref yanks down his arm. Warrior now fires up as Slaughter hammers away then knocks Slaughter down. Warrior hits a few clotheslines then the flying shoulder tackle. He signals for the slam but Sherri runs out and screams at Warrior from the apron. Warrior drags Sherri inside and hoists her up for a slam and tosses her outside at Savage. Slaughter then attacks Warrior from behind and chokes him out on the ropes. The ref backs Slaughter away but as that happens, Savage cracks Warrior in the face with his scepter then Slaughter drops an elbow for the win. The announcers believe the match will be ruled a no contest because of interference as the ref is confused. Warrior then leaves the ring and runs backstage as Finkel informs us that Slaughter is the new champion (14:26) **1/2. The crowd boos as the announcers are livid while Slaughter celebrates with the belt.

Thoughts: Slaughter winning shocked the crowd. The match itself was well booked and as a result was entertaining. This PPV has really amped up the Savage/Warrior feud from Warrior getting slapped three times to two guys you want to see rip each other apart. According to Slaughter in his shoot interview with Pro Wrestling Diaries, Vince decided to make him champion after Savage injured his wrist. Slaughter also said the company and even his wife received death and bomb threats. Slaughter also said that he went to get something to eat after this show and the cook at the diner refused to make him feud and showed Slaughter his Marine tattoo.


Another ad for WrestleMania VII.


Koko B. Ware vs. The Mountie w/ Jimmy Hart

A surprise match for the show. Also, this match was not included on the Coliseum Home Video release. Its The Mountie’s debut match. Koko taunts Mountie then tries to get the crowd behind him as the announcers are disgraced that Slaughter won the title. Mountie bails after getting dropkicked then heads back inside where Koko works his arm. Koko stops short on a leapfrog and punches Mountie before taking him down with an arm drag. They slug it out until Mountie takes Koko outside with a back drop. Hart distracts the ref as Mountie takes Koko down with his cattle prod. Mountie rolls Koko inside and taunts Koko while Hart taunts Frankie. Mountie puts Koko’s arm behind his back for some turnbuckle smashes then hits a jumping back elbow smash. Koko manages to pull off a sunset flip for two but Mountie tosses him outside. Back inside, Koko counters a piledriver attempt with a back drop but Mountie beats him down. Mountie yells at Koko to get up as Hart yells into the camera how the Mountie always gets his man. Koko comes back with a corkscrew neckbreaker as both men are down then starts to fire away. Koko hits a missile dropkick for two as Hart distracted him from the apron. Koko blocks a sneak attack and hits a crossbody for two but runs into a sidewalk slam as Mountie picks up the win (9:12) *1/2.

Thoughts: Just a match to cool down the crowd after the title change. The first half of this sucked but it got better at the end. For me, the highlight was Hart taunting Frankie. It was hilarious. The crowd was understandably cold to the action as The Mountie picks up a win


Mooney is backstage with Savage & Sherri. He calls them out on their heinous act as Savage tells us he is the greatest of all-time and that Warrior should have made the commitment to give him a title shot. We then hear banging on the door as Savage & Sherri run away.


The announcers talk about the title match and are disgusted over the result.


Okerlund is with Slaughter & Adnan. Slaughter is wearing a battle helmet. Slaughter tells us when he says he’ll do something it gets done. Slaughter then dismisses us maggots because he is the new champion. After that, Adnan starts screaming and waves his arms up and down.


Piper is at the booth and screams about how no one in the locker room will back down to Slaughter.


Lord Alfred is shown in the Event Center telling us about the “Tour de Force, ” which will begin in the Spring. It was the European tour.


We hear from fans and others in Miami as they wish the troops luck and want them back home soon. After that, Piper tells us how Hulk Hogan will go overseas to visit the troops.


We now get comments from several involved in the Royal Rumble match.


Mooney is backstage with Ted DiBiase & Virgil. DiBiase believes Virgil will do well then tells us that money is why Virgil takes abuse from him as the camera shows Virgil angrily staring at his boss. DiBiase then says the bond thicker than blood is his money.


Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase & Virgil

Dusty definitely looking like a guy jobbing on his way out here. Virgil & DiBiase attack The Rhodes family from behind. The Rhodes’ fight back and clear the ring as DiBiase orders Virgil to take them out. Dustin and Virgil fight in the ropes then Dustin comes back with a clothesline and a dropkick. Virgil bails as DiBiase heads out and yells at him to get back inside. Dustin hammers away and sends Virgil back outside with a clothesline. DiBiase once again yells at Virgil to get inside but ends up tagging himself in anyway. DiBiase beats on Dustin and taunts Dusty but wastes too much time as Dustin fights back. DiBiase rolls outside after getting ping-ponged with elbow smashes then heads back in where Dusty fires away in the corner. Dusty catches DiBiase in the sleeper and breaks when Virgil runs in to help. Dustin tags back in and hits a dropkick for two. Virgil is in now and avoids a charge as Dustin hurt his knee. DiBiase tags in and works over the leg while taunting Dusty. DiBiase holds up Dustin for Virgil and accidentally gets clotheslined. Virgil then says he is sorry but DiBiase beats the crap out of him and tosses Virgil outside but as that happens, Dustin makes the tag. Dusty runs wild briefly then misses a charge in the corner and gets rolled up as DiBiase picks up the win (9:58) **.

Thoughts: DiBiase picks up the win and physically abused Virgil. The Rhodes Family were complete afterthoughts in this match since they were leaving. The action was fine but what followed was the real highlight.


After the match, DiBiase grabs the mic and tells us once again how everyone has a price for him. He then says no one crosses him without paying a price before calling Virgil an “idiot.” The crowd is chanting for Virgil as DiBiase demands Virgil grab his Million Dollar Belt and put it around his waist. DiBiase says Virgil will do it because money talks louder than anything. The two stare at each other as Virgil gets the belt and brings it inside. However, Virgil drops it at DiBiase’s feet. DiBiase reminds Virgil once more about his family and mother and how he needs the money then once again demands the belt be put around his waist. Virgil drops to his knee as DiBiase laughs and turns his back but when he turns around Virgil whacks him with the belt. Piper is in all his glory on commentary as the crowd explodes. Virgil then throws the belt on top of DiBiase and leaves to a standing ovation. Just a great segment as after several weeks of abuse, Virgil stood up for himself and gave DiBiase his comeuppance.


The third ad for WrestleMania VII airs.


Okerlund is backstage with Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster dedicates the match to the soldiers overseas and says he with the Armed Forces behind him, Hulkamania is more powerful than ever. Okerlund then interrupts to give us an unconfirmed report that Slaughter has defaced the American flag. Hogan says if Slaughter as gone so far that he defaced the flag he will pay and promises his title reign will be temporary, like Sadaam Hussein’s reign in Kuwait. According to Slaughter, someone suggested he burn the American flag but Slaughter himself refused because it would get the wrong type of heat and brought up how it would piss off sponsors. And after watching this its crystal clear who is winning the Rumble match.


30 Man Royal Rumble Match

#1 is Bret Hart while #2 is Dino Bravo, who is even more bloated than usual. Bravo celebrates after shoving Bret into the corner but Bret fights back. Bret almost eliminates Bravo with a clothesline but Bravo is able to survive. Bravo beats on Bret against the ropes as Piper notes how DiBiase lasted a long time last year. Bret is in control then #3 comes out and its Greg Valentine, who surprises the crowd by going after Bravo. Those two slug it out as Hart yells at Valentine from the apron. Bravo attacks Valentine from behind but Valentine fights back and dumps Bravo. Hart yells at Valentine from the apron but gets dropped then Bret hits Valentine with an inverted atomic drop. #4 is Paul Roma and he goes right after Bret. Valentine helps out Roma as Bret is in trouble. Roma then attacks Valentine but Bret takes him down then uses a double noggin-knocker as all three men go at each other. #5 is the Texas Tornado and he goes right after Roma. We get some decent but unmemorable action then #6 comes in and its Rick Martel. He goes right after Bret then mixes it up with Roma as The Visionaries explode. Bret starts unloading on Martel in the corner and we get some other near eliminations. #7 is Saba Simba and he gets a crappy reaction. Roma & Bret beat on Simba while Tornado almost eliminates Martel. The action is still fine but there are no real stars in the match and it makes it seem less important as a result. #8 is Bushwhacker Butch as he marches around the ring like a moron before fighting with Valentine. Simba tries to dump Martel but Martel pulls down on the ropes and hangs on as Simba falls to the floor. The crowd is really into Butch as he works over Valentine. #9 comes out and its Jake Roberts as the crowd goes nuts. Martel runs after him and the two slug it out. Jake wins that battle and hits a gutbuster as the crowd goes nuts. Jake hits the short-arm clothesline then signals for DDT but Martel slips outside. Jake chases him back inside but gets cut off by Valentine as Martel takes a breather in the corner. Martel is on the apron as the ref orders him back inside. He then fights off Jake before heading in then softens him up. #10 is Hercules and he helps out his partner. Power & Glory stomp a mudhole into Butch then we see Martel save himself from elimination in the corner. Martel then tries Jake up in the ropes but Tornado makes the save.


#11 is Tito Santana then we see Roma eliminate himself after Jake ducked a crossbody. The action slows down as Martel keeps saving himself from elimination. #12 is The Undertaker, who is lead out by Brother Love. Undertaker picks up Bret and tosses him out for the elimination. He then beats on Tornado as #13 is revealed as Jimmy Snuka. He barely gets a reaction here. Undertaker then tosses out Butch for the elimination as Valentine and Tito are going at in in the corner. Undertaker continues to beat on Tornado then fishhooks Valentine. #14 is Davey Boy Smith and he goes after Valentine as the ring is really getting full with nine men in the ring. Jake tries to get rid of Martel while Snuka and Undertaker brawl. #15 is Smash and he goes after Davey. Martel slips out of a DDT and ducks out on the apron. The refs order him back inside but Martel walks around the apron until he is able to yank Jake out for the elimination. Martel taunts Jake from the ring but gets hit with a double noggin-knocker. #16 is Hawk and he starts hitting everyone until they gang up and beat him down. Hawk then fights with Hercules but the action is still on the slower side. #17 is Shane Douglas as he gets little reaction. Douglas beats on Smash then we see Tornado eliminate himself after whiffing on a Tornado Punch. Hawk tosses out Snuka for the elimination then the action slows right back down. Martel is almost eliminated once again but he manages to stay in the match. The buzzer rings for #18 but no one comes out. We then go back to the action as Gorilla suggests whoever #18 was might have had seconds thoughts after seeing the action. The announcers then say time will tell before we find out who this entrant was supposed to be. #19 is Animal as he teams up with his partner to eliminate Undertaker. Martel & Hercules sneak up from behind to eliminate Hawk with a double clothesline. #20 is Crush and he teams up with his partner to beat on Davey. Tito & Valentine almost eliminate Martel, who continues to stave off elimination.


#21 is Hacksaw Jim Duggan and he beats on Smash as the crowd is in a frenzy. Slick is shown shadow boxing on the floor in a funny moment as Douglas and Hercules are brawling. #22 is Earthquake and he trades punches with Animal then eliminates him with a back drop. Duggan tries to attack Earthquake but gets overpowered. #23 is Mr. Perfect and he takes his time getting to the ring. Perfect then gets knocked around by Duggan but manages to eliminate him with a back drop. #24 is Hulk Hogan and the place erupts. Hogan gets cornered by a few guys but fights back. He eliminates Smash before beating on Earthquake. Perfect attacks Hogan from behind then Earthquake beats on Hogan while Jimmy Hart jumps up and down. Hercules and Earthquake fail to eliminate Hogan then #25 is revealed as Haku. Hogan eliminates Valentine, who Gorilla said was in for 45 minutes. Martel tries to beat on Hogan then fights out of a lifting chokehold before things get stagnant. #26 is Jim  Neidhart and he goes right after Hercules. Earthquake eliminates Tito then Perfect tries to get rid of Hogan but Haku of all people makes the save. A few people gang up on Hogan but Douglas makes a save. #27 is Luke and he does not get the same reaction his partner got earlier. Earthquake immediately tosses Luke, who marches all the way to the dressing room. Perfect beats on Douglas in the corner as the announcers put over Douglas’ performance tonight. Martel continues to stay alive then #28 is Brian Knobbs as he goes after a few guys then gets backed into the corner. Knobbs eliminates Hercules with a back drop then #29 comes out and its The Warlord, who goes right after Davey. The announcers note that #18 was either Tugboat or Savage as Hogan eliminates Crush. Hogan then eliminates Warlord with a clothesline as #30 is revealed as Tugboat, meaning that Savage was #18. Perfect almost gets eliminated as the announcers believe Warrior ran Savage from the building. Douglas gets eliminated off camera (The History of WWE says it was by Knobbs) as Gorilla puts over his performance tonight. Douglas was hyped as an underdog on TV so with this performance it seemed like they would be giving him a push. Tugboat and Hogan go at it now with Tugboat nearly eliminating his friend. Tugboat then tries to eliminate Martel but Hogan sneaks up from behind and dumps him out. Perfect gets crotched on the top rope as Davey eliminates him with a dropkick. Martel manages to eliminate Neidhart then Davey gets rid of Haku wit h a back drop. Knobbs & Earthquake go after Hogan while Martel beats on Davey. Martel heads up top but Davey cuts him off then finally eliminates Martel with a clothesline as the crowd goes nuts. Gorilla notes that Martel set a record by being in the match for 53 minutes.


The final four are Hogan, Earthquake, Davey, and Knobbs. Earthquake & Knobbs team up to eliminate Davey then hit Hogan with a double clothesline. Knobbs hits Hogan with several elbow drops then Earthquake hits the sit-down splash. Knobbs & Earthquake celebrate but Hogan hulks up and takes them down with a double clothesline. Hogan eliminates Knobbs with a big boot then fires away on Earthquake. Hart gets up on the apron and Hogan knocks him off. Hogan then rakes Earthquake’s eyes and tries for a slam but Earthquake falls on top. Earthquake drops a pair of elbows as the crowd chants for Hogan. Earthquake then hits a powerslam and covers for some reason but Hogan kicks out and hulks up again. Hogan then fires away and hits a slam before eliminating Earthquake with a clothesline from behind (65:15) ***. After the match, Hogan gets a standing ovation then holds up a “Hulk Rules” sign given to him by a fan. He then holds up a “Peace in the Middle East” sign and “Sadaam and Slaughter Will Surrender.” It obvious these are signs created by the company for this segment. The announcers put over Hogan as a great American as Hogan waves an American flag in the ring with Gorilla calling it a beautiful sight.

Thoughts: I thought the actual work in this match was good and more than ever the “every man for himself”  theme was played up but there really was little doubt as to who would win the match. Also, a lot of guys who were afterthoughts spent a lot of time in the match. The Martel storyline of doing everything he can to stay alive became tiresome near the end and when Jake was eliminated there wasn’t much of a point. The goal was for Hogan to win and send the fans home happy after Slaughter became the champion. And to get more momentum going for the eventual WrestleMania VII main event.


Final Thoughts: Even though the company was struggling mightily at this time they managed to put on an excellent show. The opening tag match was a classic, Slaughter became champion, and we saw Virgil finally stick up for himself. They had a lot of angles here and the Rumble match itself was good, even if it was far from the best in history. Playing on the real-life events of the war was a major turn off for some people at the time and still can be today. A strong overall show worth checking out though and one of the best PPV’s since WrestleMania III.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 1/21/91

Wednesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1/26/91

Thursday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 1/27/91

Friday: WWF The Main Event 2/1/91

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 6/2/83

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/2/91

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/3/91