Wrestlemania mains


I know I shouldn’t be surprised at WWE’s lack of planning anymore, but we’re less than two months away from Wrestlemania and…


* they don’t know if Undertaker will actually be returning for the Cena match

* they don’t know who Rousey’s partner will be against StepHHH


The second one is particularly mind-blowing since they’re “trying to get the Rock,” who is up to his eyeballs in movie and TV roles and isn’t going to drop everything (or risk injury) on short notice for another wrestling match.  Shouldn’t WWE have checked in on Rock’s availability months ago?


It’s one thing if you don’t have a clear plan for the midcard but these are the top two matches on the show!  At least there’s the easy solution of just having Cena team with Rousey if and when Taker and the Rock don’t go for it.


The Undertaker thing is so weird, because he was at the RAW 25 show and then could have just said “Cena you’re a punk” and boom goes the dynamite.
But hey, at least we know Roman Reigns is for sure challenging Brock.