The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–12.12.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 12.12.81

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are David Crockett & Bob Caudle

Sgt. Slaughter and his new recruit Jim Nelson join us to start, offering $1000 to anyone who can break the cobra clutch. This is of course impossible under normal circumstances, so Sarge has no worries about losing his money. And those cowards better not be coming out after he’s had a match and challenging him when he’s all tired! Sarge makes Nelson drop and give him 20 to demonstrate the kind of respect that Slaughter is due from all the maggots who are not the US champion. 1 for 1.

Ricky Steamboat v. Charlie Fulton

Steamboat is growing a mustache at this point which I can only adequately describe as “ill-advised”. Steamboat takes him down with a headlock and works on that for a while, by which I mean the first 4:00 of the match. Fulton finally escapes that and pounds on Steamboat in the corner while the ELECTRIFYING Sandy Scott joins us on commentary talking about all the big stars they’re bringing in, such as Jimmy Valiant. And now Fulton gives us Headlock: The Revenge, until Steamboat fights out and misses a bodypress, allowing Fulton to go right back to it. Steamboat fights out as the announcers sense that Fulton is GOING FOR THE KILL, but luckily Ricky is able to chop his way free and run Fulton’s arm into the turnbuckle before finishing with the double arm chickenwing at 7:24. 1 for 2.

NWA TV title: Ivan Koloff v. Jim Grey

Ivan takes him down with a facelock and pounds away on the ropes, then follows with a sunset flip for two. He keeps pounding and goes back to the facelock, then takes Grey down for two and wedgies him for a few two counts. What a weird sequence. Grey has somehow managed to get a busted nose while some guy in the front row yells “Punish your opponent, Koloff! Smack him in the FACE!” Ivan finishes with the kneedrop off the top at 5:40 to oblige. Weird squash. 1 for 3.

Let us take you to the promo for the Marion, VA, high school gym SUPERCARD, and holy shit Gene Anderson looks like he’s 90 years old here. Roddy Piper is defending his Mid-Atlantic title against Ricky Steamboat, but Roddy didn’t get where he is by being stupid. Nuts, yes, but stupid, no. That’s a great line, so I’ll give it a point. 2 for 4.

Ricky Steamboat v. Mike Prater

Yes, it’s more Steamboat as we get another squash match from the other Mid-Atlantic show, which I’m assuming was World Wide Wrestling? Steamboat works the arm and Roddy Piper heads down to ringside as the reason for showing this match becomes apparent. The announcers are really big on Prater, who is from Texas, but he’s not even listed in the database so apparently he never went anywhere past this. Steamboat works the arm while yelling at Piper about how he’s already proven himself, and then he gets MEAN. He runs Prater’s shoulder into the turnbuckles, telling Piper that it’s for him, and then finishes with a flying bodypress at 4:04, at which point Piper charges in and the brawl is on. Ole joins in and The World’s Most Obnoxious Team double-teams Steamboat until Ray Stevens makes the save, drawing a huge babyface reaction after turning last week. Solid old school angle. 3 for 5.

Ray Stevens v. Mike Prater

So we’re back on our own show again, as Prater attacks Ray in the corner and that proves to be a huge mistake. Stevens slams him, delivers a piledriver, and pins him at 0:30. Note to self: Do not launch a sneak attack on someone nicknamed “Crippler”. 4 for 6.

Ray Stevens refutes rumors that he’s not trustworthy, which he proved by saving Steamboat in that previous segment. If he says he’s going to go out and break someone’s leg, he breaks it. And he promised Ole that he’d be his tag team partner, and he showed up as promised, but Ole treated him like garbage and even left his own brother for dead, so now he can come and get his half of the tag titles back if he’s man enough. Hot take: Ray was a great promo. 5 for 7.

Jimmy Valiant v. Mike Miller

Usual quick squash for Jimmy while he takes him down for headlocks while yelling “I can beat him any time I want, baby!” And indeed, elbow and elbowdrop finish at 1:00. So I guess his hubris was justified in this case. Still, 5 for 8 because pride goes before the fall.

Back to the Marion High School Supercard, with a main event of Johnny Weaver & Ray Stevens v. Gene Anderson & The Ninja. And they only booked a GYM for that one? You could practically fill an ARMORY with a main event of that caliber!

Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Nelson v. Larry Hamilton & Tony Anthony

Slaughter leaves Nelson alone against both guys because he’s got better things to do on commentary. Nelson indeed has it under control, but Jay Youngblood comes down to the desk to challenge Slaughter for that $1000, so Sarge suddenly realizes that Tony Anthony is a dangerous competitor and he needs to rejoin the match immediately. What a great heel. So Sarge heads into the ring and immediately beats on young pudgy Dirty White Boy, delivering a series of gutbusters before turning it over to his Private again. Nelson with his own gutbuster for two, but Anthony takes him down and brings in Hamilton again. Slaughter immediately pounds on him, but Hamilton takes him down with an armdrag and gets a dropkick for two. Back to Anthony, but Nelson chinlocks him and brings Sarge back in for a further beating. Hamilton tries again with Nelson and the poor jobbers manage to double-team him for a bit, but Anthony misses a dropkick and Sarge comes in and finishes the maggot with the cobra clutch at 6:40. Fun storyline with the jobbers desperately trying to keep the weaker Nelson in the ring but then failing in the end because Sgt. Slaughter was just too awesome. 6 for 9.

Jay Youngblood issues another challenge to Slaughter, but he’s TIRED and Jay already had his shot. Bring out that guy Keith Larson, because he deserves a chance ahead of Jay. Plus he’s tired, which he previously mentioned. Unfortunately, Sandy Scott comes out and tells him to get in the ring OR ELSE. That’s unfair to Sarge! HE’S TIRED! So the cowardly Youngblood gets in position for the hold, but they can’t agree on positioning or timing, and Slaughter is unfortunately is at the end of the allotted timeslot and thus cannot perform the challenge. Plus he was TIRED. In case that wasn’t clear.

I dunno man, I used to think Karl Stern was crazy for pimping Slaughter as a WON Hall of Fame candidate all the time, but I’m coming around on him.