WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 19th, 1991

January 19, 1991

From the West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Texas Tornado, Davey Boy Smith, The Undertaker, Rick Martel, and Jimmy Snuka. Plus, an interview with Ted DiBiase and more


The Undertaker w/ Brother Love vs. Sonny Blaze

The Undertaker beats on Blaze to start. He drops an elbow as Heenan puts him over strong while Brother Love screams “no mercy” at ringside. Undertaker is shown in an insert promo telling us its time to fill the pine boxes as Brother Love tells us that death is not so bad. Undertaker stays in control and puts Blaze away with a tombstone as Heenan pokes fun at Gorilla by making up body part names to describe where Blaze feels pain (2:23).

Thoughts: Having Brother Love scream at ringside during Taker’s matches is completely ineffective and grating but luckily the Undertaker’s presence is tremendous. The pairing just isn’t working out. Heenan borrowing Gorilla’s was pretty funny though.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Macho King Randy Savage tells us he’ll win the Rumble and eventually become champion.


Randy Hunter vs. “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

We hear from The Warlord & Slick in an insert promo as Warlord promises to eliminate Davey from the Rumble en route to winning the match. Heenan tells us that a Rumble win means you are pretty much guaranteed a title shot as Davey overpowers Hunter with ease then puts him away with a running powerslam (2:21).

Thoughts: First time we heard about a Rumble match victory guaranteeing you a title shot but it is a good piece of foreshadowing by the company. So, watching the day of the PPV you can think the winner will get a title shot and those who saw the edition of this show that aired after the Rumble then you can pretty much figure out its going to be Hogan vs. Slaughter, likely at WrestleMania VII.


Gorilla plugs the newest edition of “WWF Magazine,” which includes an article on the Legion of Doom vs. Orient Express feud. And what a feud that was. The LoD came in out but instantly lost what made them special.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Terry Davis & Cliff Sheets

Kato beats on Sheets to start as the announcers talk about the Orient Express vs. Rockers match tonight at the Rumble. The Orient Express now beat on Davis until they put him away with a super kick/bridging German suplex combo as The Rockers were shown in an insert promo calling themselves a tag team of the future (2:43).

Thoughts: Just some last minute hype for the Rockers/Orient Express tag team match.


“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. Spike Jones

The announcers talk about Snuka being involved in the Rumble match as Heenan points out how he is now wearing boots. Heenan asks Gorilla for tickets to the Rumble by pretending they are for underprivileged children as Snuka is in an insert promo saying he will win the Rumble before he hits the Superfly Splash for the win (1:59).

Thoughts: We are once again treated to the same routine of where the company tells you the PPV is sold out and the only way to order is on PPV.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Ted DiBiase & Virgil to the interview platform. DiBiase talks about the preparation they’ve been doing for this match but manages to put Virgil down while putting himself over as the camera shows Virgil looking irritated. DiBiase then says his wealth makes him better than Virgil then shoves him in the chest and addresses the fans who feel sorry for Virgil because he does stuff like clean his sweat and crap off of his boots among other things while accepting his treatment. DiBiase tells us not to feel sorry for Virgil because he is motivated by all of the right reasons as he yanks the cash out of Virgil’s hand to say that his money his thicker than blood and that everyone has a price. This segment did not air on the version of this show that aired on 1/20 and was replaced with a Dino Bravo vs. Raymond Hammer squash match.


Kent Carlson vs. Texas Tornado

The announcers put over Tornado’s physique as he takes Carlson down a few times. Tornado stays in control then hits the Tornado Punch for the win (1:22).

Thoughts: An easy win to put over Tornado, whose stock is now starting to fall.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Rico Federico

Martel beats on Federico in the corner as the announcers talk about the Rumble match. We hear from Martel in an insert as he promises to blindside Jake Roberts at the Rumble. He dumps Federico outside as the announcers talk about the Rumble card and soon after that uses the Boston Crab for the win (3:20).

Thoughts: More hype for the Jake/Martel feud.


The Bushwhackers vs. Joe Mirto & Black Bart

For some reason, Mirto’s graphic reads “Joe Burton.” The guy has been an enhancement talent here for several years. The Bushwhackers do their wacky antics with the fans before the match. The Bushwhackers start by working over Bart in some awful-looking sequences. Mirto tags in and he gets trapped in the corner then finally put away with a double gutbuster (3:24).

Thoughts: The crowd was into The Bushwhackers’ antics as they are firmly established as an opening act to pop the crowd.


Final Thoughts: Just last minute Rumble hype on this show. Thankfully, we will have something else to hype in the coming weeks.


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